Law Finally Back on Former President Donald Trump’s Side!

We’ve all been shocked to hear that Trump’s being trialed for a form of sexual assault dating back more than a few decades; many of us knew what was really going on.

E. Jean Carrol, who’s been blowing her own horn for years on end, decided to take her pent-up aggression out on the former president, in the middle of his presidential campaign too.

Trump’s rape defamation trial postponed indefinitely

However, while the trial for Trump was originally set to the date of April 10th, it’s now been postponed indefinitely by the judge in charge of the case. Much more evidence is necessary to continue with the prosecution of the former president.

However, if you look at Carrol’s former interviews, you’ll find she’s previously stated she often fantasizes about rape, which contradicts her entire case, considering she’s suing the former president for exactly that.

On top of that, it’s yet to be proven the act even happened. She claims she was approached and raped by Trump in a dressing room at the Bergdorf Goodman back in the 1990s; whereas Trump denies ever interacting with her in such a way.

He went as far as calling her a whack job who could never be his type. While many have argued she bears a striking resemblance to his then-wife, basing an entire case on hearsay is preposterous.

Trump comes back stronger every time he’s knocked down

As you may already know, the rape trial is only one of two lawsuits the writer filed against the former president. The lawsuits were almost joined into a single trial on request from both parties’ lawyers.

However, Judge Kaplan denied the request, claiming the attorneys in charge of the cases clearly overestimated the benefits a joint trial would have and avoiding the fairly inconsistent rulings that apply to both cases wouldn’t benefit either of the two.

He closed his statement by adding the April 10th trial for the case Carroll filed back in 2019 could easily become unnecessary, should the appeals court rule that it is barred by law.

It’s safe to say these attacks on Trump weren’t timed so conveniently on accident and we’ve already seen similar attempts during his initial candidacy for the White House back in 2016.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.