Kevin McCarthy Not At All Worried About Potentially Losing His Speaker Seat

Kevin McCarthy is completely confident that he will not lose the office of House Speaker. This comes after he caved on the debt limit agreement with Joe Biden, despite growing opposition from conservatives.

The agreement, negotiated Sunday in a 99-page long text, allows for a four trillion dollar debt increase and additional spending for select programs.

McCarthy said the House will vote on the agreement this Wednesday, allowing the Senate time for deliberations before the June 5 debt default set by Janet Yellen.

The House Speaker later claimed 95% of House Republicans supported the bill, which appears to be far from true, given the recent backlash.

Fallout From the McCarthy-Biden Deal

Immediately, the House Freedom Caucus announced it would introduce a motion to remove Kevin McCarthy from House leadership if the agreement fell through.

The Freedom Caucus criticized McCarthy for the deal having no concessions, including failing to prevent the Internal Revenue Service from using $78.6 billion for new agents or freezing spending at FY2-22 levels.  

Well, the bill does limit discretionary non-defense spending and the legislation does not authorize cuts or limit the $1.2 trillion in inflation currently burdening the economy.

Dan Bishop, a member of the HFC, pointed out how the bill itself is immune from Judicial Review, let alone any legal challenges, regardless of how much revenue is exploited going ahead. 

House Speaker McCarthy’s Future in the House 

Rep. Matt Rosendale, Dan Bishop, Ralph Norman, Chip Roy, Lauren Boebert, and Senator Rand Paul are among those calling out McCarthy for his flawed deal with Biden.

In a press conference, McCarthy claimed an overwhelming number of his colleagues were excited about the deal in a conference call. 

Upon being asked if he was worried about losing his position, McCarthy said he has no concerns about being ousted as Speaker of the House.