Less Than Half of Democrats Want Biden to Run in 2024

According to a recent survey, fewer than 30% of Americans, and less than half of Democrats, want Biden to seek reelection in 2024.

As the Biden administration has passed its first anniversary, the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research discovered the president’s favor amongst his own party continues to dwindle.

The Associated Press’ Findings

More Americans disapprove of how Biden manages his presidency, 56% to 43%. Right now, 28% of Americans want Biden to seek reelection in 2024, with just 48% of Democrats supporting him in the process.

This is a serious change from early in Biden’s term. In July’s study conducted by the Associated Press and the National Research Center, 59% of Americans expressed approval of Biden’s job performance.

By late September, his popularity rating had fallen to 50% in the aftermath of the US military’s messy and violent departure from Afghanistan.

That came on top of rising coronavirus outbreaks and the administration’s patchwork efforts to get economic, infrastructure, and tax measures through Congress.

Biden stated he did not “trust the polls” during a media briefing. The Associated Press, on the other hand, highlighted his approval ratings are low on a broad range of issues.

Only 45% approve of Biden’s management of COVID-19, falling from 57% in December and 66% in July 2021.

Americans are considerably more pessimistic about his economic management, with only 37% approving.

Growing concern about Biden’s economic plans comes as inflation accelerated to its highest rate in almost 40 years last month, a 7% increase, thereby increasing consumer spending and eroding pay growth.

Biden’s Cognitive Condition

People in the United States are concerned about the president’s cognitive condition, even beyond policy.

Only a quarter of respondents expressed “extreme confidence” in Biden’s “mental capacity to serve successfully as president” or his “physical fitness to serve effectively as president.” Nearly half expressed doubts about Biden’s mental capacity.

Despite this, the White House has crafted a rosy narrative about Biden’s first year in office, including recruiting actor Tom Hanks to deliver a promotional film.

“I’ve long said that betting against America is a bad investment,” Biden says in the video. “I’ve never felt more positive about the future of America. If we work together, nothing is beyond our capability.”

According to Axios, the Presidential Inaugural Committee made the film and is now “spending multiple millions of dollars in surplus inaugural cash to play the commercial on broadcast and cable mainstream television.”

The committee said in a statement to Axios: “In commemoration of the president’s first year in office, the Biden-Harris Presidential Inaugural Council felt it was critical to celebrate the American people’s resilience and persistence, even in the face of exceptional hardship, just as we did a year ago today.”

Numerous social media users observed the film has a striking resemblance to a scene from “The Simpsons Movie,” in which Hanks declares “the United States government has lost all credibility, so it’s stealing some of mine.”