John Fetterman’s Fitness Issues Cannot Be Swept Under The Rug

Democratic nominee for the vacant U.S. Senate John Fetterman takes part in a conversation on reproductive rights and the economy with Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon in Upper Darby, PA on Nov. 4, 2022.

Since the midterm elections in 2022, Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senator-elect John Fetterman has not granted a single interview, despite the scrutiny that has been directed on his fitness for office.

Loved By The Media, But Won’t Talk To The Media

Since his electoral win, Fetterman has become a media favorite, with liberal news outlets swooning over him.

They are proclaiming him as one of the “most fashionable” individuals in America for his patent-protected Saturday morning yard work elegance. This is due to the fact he wears his signature look while working in his yard.

The Democratic senator-elect even received a role in the upcoming film “The Pale Blue Eye,” alongside his wife because of his “face that suits in the 1830s,” which Christian Bale lauded in the film.

However, despite receiving a great deal of attention from the media and acting credits for his victory in November over Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz, Fetterman has not yet granted an interview.

This is despite the fact questions continue to be raised regarding his physical eligibility for office. The Fetterman campaign did not provide a response to the issues raised by Fox News Digital regarding the senator-elect’s relatively limited exposure in the media.

Media Team

Although Fetterman himself is not participating in interviews, members of his communications staff, as well as his wife, have not been afraid to talk to the media.

Earlier this month, the media team for the Fetterman campaign participated in a question-and-answer session with Slate magazine, during which they discussed the campaign’s planning process.

Blue Bell, PA, USA – September 11, 2022: John Fetterman, Democratic candidate for US Senate rallies for a packed crowed of supporters at Montgomery County Community College.

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, who is married to Fetterman, gave an interview to the LGBT journal known as the Washington Blade, in which she promoted herself.

During the election cycle, Fetterman relied on transcription software in order to debate Republican Oz during his election for the U.S. Senate. This was because the issue of Fetterman’s capacity to serve, following his stroke was a primary focus of his campaign.

It was felt that Fetterman did not do well in the one and only debate; his team attacked Nexstar, the transcribing business that worked the discourse, after the poor showing.

In the end, Fetterman defeating Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race still remains a mystery. How he could convince Pennsylvanians to vote for him, despite being unfit and not showing up to talk to them, is baffling.

Democrats fielding unfit candidates has become the norm. An example of that is Joe Biden with his own fair share of health issues.

However, the deed has been done. Pennsylvanians will only hope that he performs greatly beyond his projected failure.