Joe Biden Turning America’s Economy to Venezuela?

As far back as 2019, the breaking news in all of America was about a C-17 American cargo taking off from the Air Force base in Florida.

That flight aimed to distribute wheelchairs and crutches to the oppressed people of Venezuela. In 2019, things were working in America; the country’s economy was so robust, we could be generous enough to fund another nation. 

Fast forward to 2020 and things began to change for the worst. The country couldn’t send aid items to Venezuela or other nations because we barely had enough to cater to our needs as a nation. 

How the Biden Administration Jinxed America’s Economy

Less than one year into Biden’s administration, shortages in all human utilities have become the current reality in America.

Intermountain Healthcare, a landmark healthcare provider in Western America, began to solicit help from its patients. This is just one of many other facilities that are currently jinxed with the realities of the Biden-led administration.

Also, with the country’s supply chain currently frozen, essential goods and services are becoming scarce; medical equipment is unaffordable for medical facilities. Many Americans are wondering what additional harms the Biden administration has in store for the economy. 

A Clog Further Deteriorates the U.S Economy

In a recent news headline, the attention of Americans was drawn to the numerous U.S. ports and how they have become crowded. A lot of Americans fail to realize before this current administration, the expected timeframe for vessels from the Pacific Ocean and around the world was 50 days.

However, since the emergence of Biden as president, the minimal timeframe for expected vessels into American ports fluctuates between 61 days and 74 days. By direct implication, this means goods and services that have become expensive are about to witness an even more surprising price hike.

It is no surprise why William La Juenesse, a renowned Fox News reporter, stated with the dependency of the U.S. ports on China’s shipping, prices of goods are about to skyrocket. 

At the moment, the current price of gasoline is pegged at a surprising $3.30. About a year ago, we boasted of having so many energy reserves, we could afford to cut ties with the Middle East.

Moreover, almost a year ago, the price of gasoline was just $2. The question this brings to the forefront is: with all of the energy conserves we had about a year back, where did that all go?

Many Americans can recall, during the inception of Bdien’s presidency, he promised many impactful changes, particularly for ordinary Americans. Are these recent changes a part of Biden’s political agenda?