Joe Biden Putting Democrats at Risk

Everyone understands that President Biden likes people. He loves to butter up with men and approach ladies. He enjoys advocating for his fellow Democrats, as he did in Virginia last fall, but didn’t the candidate he backed lose?

This year, Biden is having trouble convincing Democratic hopefuls to join him. Democratic contenders for governor in Georgia, Florida, and Pennsylvania have already resisted sharing the stage.

They’re not the only ones who’ll try to juggle schedules whenever Biden visits their states. Even worse than Walter Mondale, some contenders prefer to fundraise with Hillary Clinton. 

It’s not hard to deduce what’s happening here. Biden is hazardous. Democrats are worried about their reelection chances this November if the Biden-Harris anchor hangs around their necks. 

Harsh Policies and Unemployment Rates

In 15 states, Democrats directly manage both the governorship and the legislature.

They decided to keep pandemic-era limitations in place long after being appropriate — long after history and data proved lockdown measures do not curb the dispersion of the coronavirus — and hence, their economic outcomes are not particularly spectacular. 

The eight states with the highest unemployment levels (from 5.7 percent to 6.5 percent in California) are all Democratic. Conversely, nine of the ten states with the lowest unemployment levels (range from 1.7 to 2.7 percent) are Republican-led, with one exception (Vermont). 

On its own, 6.5 percent isn’t too bad for Democrats; it’s low by contemporary standards, but not by historical norms. However, things get ugly when you add an inept president whose mental capacity is continually questioned. 

Also, numerous incumbent Democratic senators have disapproval ratings well below 50%. Some of them are even behind their prospective Republican opponents. Yet, they know they have a shot since none of them have poll numbers as bad as Biden’s. 

Even Obama Couldn’t Do It

Biden is 13 points below the current RealClearPolitics average. It’s worse in certain key states for 2022.

A recent Morning Consult poll indicated only 41% of Arizona voters approved Biden’s leadership. Only 34% approved of Biden in Georgia, while 61% disapproved.

In New Hampshire, only 41% approved of Biden’s work performance. Notably, Biden won all three states less than 14 months ago. A year in office has seen him waste goodwill, while campaigning against erstwhile President Trump. 

All three states have vulnerable Democrat senators. Those threatened Democrats would rather eat glass shards or watch a four-hour Kamala Harris address on C-SPAN than have Air Force One land in their backyards. 

Is there a state where Biden may be useful? Consider this. With low popularity in 2014, President Obama exclusively campaigned for governor candidates in states where he had been popular.

He campaigned in two Democratic states: Maryland for Anthony Brown and Maine for Mike Michaud. The Democrats were hotly expected to win. They both lost. 

So, consider this: if Obama, who was at least desirable and likable, couldn’t help Democrats win elections in which they were greatly favored, why does Biden, who is neither appealing nor sympathetic, think he should run in 2022? 

Radiation and toxicity are best avoided so you don’t get burned or harmed. Can you really criticize these Democrats for avoiding Biden?