Joe Biden Goes Bonkers on Americans

The recent news media making the waves (and Biden’s disclaimer of a massive ransom to illegal migrants) gave Americans a new ray of hope. For once, they thought Biden was acting based on the public opinion of the American masses.

This expectation by Americans fell into a ditch, as Biden plans on fully opening the southern border for more illegal migrants to have a full right of entry into American states.

It became clear to Americans what the intention of Biden was. This happened on the 29th of October when the Homeland Security Department released a four-page memo detailing the termination of former President Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols. 

Illegal Migrants Gradually Earning Citizens’ Rights in America

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans would recall the Migrant Protection Protocols regulated the number of illegal migrants who sought asylum into America through the southern border.

This was at a time when illegal migrants were hoping to ram their way into the United States under the guise they couldn’t return to their countries because of drug peddlers and human traffickers. 

However, because of the large number of illegal migrants caught by the Customs and Border agents, it wasn’t easy for the immigration court in America to promptly decide each of their respective cases.

In effect, these illegal migrants were allowed into American communities before the mention of their cases in court. For those who were found not guilty in their cases, they were eventually released and allowed into America. 

Following that time, Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols returned sanctity to the southern border, as he compelled illegal migrants to stay in Mexico. At the same time, their asylum cases were being determined. 

Biden and His Border Royal Rumble

On the first day President Biden assumed office, the first rules his government squashed were the Migrant Protection Protocols. The effect of this is approximately one thousand illegal migrants who easily find their way into America daily without being deterred by CBP. 

In August, Americans saw a fluctuating ray of hope when a federal judge commented that Mayorkas, the current secretary of DHS, should stop releasing illegal migrants into American states.

This was thought to be the order Homeland Security needed. However, with the new memo released by Mayorkas, he has been able to prove the current federal government has no respect for law and order in American states. 

According to Mayorkas’ memo, he stated Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocol only imposed unjustifiable measures on aliens who had to wait in Mexico for no just cause.

Suppose any random American is to interpret the memo from the homeland. In that case, it is another way of Biden iterating that America’s revered sovereignty and legitimacy is no longer what it used to be.

Illegal migrants are winning this battle against law-abiding residents of numerous American states.