Indiana Officials Encourage Chicago Police to Come to Indiana

More than 3,000 police officers are on the verge of losing their jobs today, October 22. The reason is these officers refused to take the COVID vaccine or show their vaccination status, as mandated by the state.

In light of this, officials of Indiana extended a hand to these police officers to come over to their state.

Indiana Officials Enticing Chicago Police Officers

There’s a saying that goes, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” In this case, Chicago’s unvaccinated cops’ poison is poised to be Indiana’s meat.

The officials of Chicago made it clear all city employees, including police officers, must report their vaccination status today. Failure to do so will attract stiff punishments or dismissals.

In a remarkable turn of events, some key Indiana officials are trying to get Chicago police officials to switch allegiance to the state’s police force. Republican Senator Mike Braun of Indiana spoke with Fox News about the issue.

Braun said police have the most challenging job globally and they deserve to be respected. He said no police officer should lose their job or be denied payment because they do not want to comply with a silly vaccine mandate.

The senator then encouraged cops to not listen to the government of Chicago; instead, they should go to Indiana. Braun mentioned Indiana police departments are currently hiring and will treat all Chicago officers with the respect they deserve.

He also noted his office is on standby to help connect the officers to an Indiana police department that doesn’t have the silly vaccine mandate. Sen. Braun finally finished his statement with, “Welcome to Indiana.”

Chief of police in Munster, Indiana, Steve Scheckel, also made similar comments as the senator in an interview with Fox News. Scheckel noted he is open to helping those who might have been fired from their jobs and want a better quality of life for their families.

He said Munster, Northwest Indiana has one of the top-rated school systems in all of Indiana. The police chief noted the officers from Chicago could send their children to public school.

Steve Scheckel also revealed the city of Munster is one of the safest in Indiana. Aside from that, it is also only 30 minutes away from Chicago. In light of this, Scheckel said the move from Chicago to Munster is only a step across the state line for the officers looking for a better life.

Chicago Police Department Bracing for Mass Exodus of Officers

As Chicago looks to stand by its vaccine mandate directive, the city is also preparing for the exit of thousands of police officers who won’t comply. The mayor of the city, Lori Lightfoot, insisted there are contingency plans for when officers leave.

However, it seems one of her plans (which has now failed) is asking suburban police to fill in for the cops she might fire. Lightfoot asked the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) to respond to emergencies in Chicago when the need arises. However, officials of ILEAS declined.

They claim the system was designed for emergencies where officers become overwhelmed, not when a city sacks its police officers.