House Republicans: Capitol Not Safer Than It was During January 6 Attack

Republicans from the House have warned the United States Capitol is still not more secure than it was one year ago after the January 6 attack. In so doing, Republicans also slammed House Democrats for being biased and partisan in their probe into the events.

Rep. Rodney Davis, the top GOP member on the Committee on House Administration, wrote a memo yesterday to his Republican Party colleagues. He titled the memo, “One Year Later, Little Has Changed.”

Ineffective Committee

Rodney Davis said he anticipates a lot of noise-making over the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

He noted the noise should also be centered around what led to the event on the day. Davis, however, penned that it is crucial to find the answer to the most important question, which is why the Capitol was unprepared for such an event.

The top Republican wrote that important facts from the event could not be ignored.

He stated all these facts occurred before, during, and after January 6. Rodney expressed the committee had not scratched the surface of the cause of the calamitous security breach.

He noted the committee is rather more interested in attacking former President Trump and punishing everybody associated with him.

Furthermore, Davis wrote in the memo that some committee members continuously wasted taxpayer money by attacking political rivals. In addition, the political rivals are then held in criminal contempt for refusing to meet the outrageous demands of the committee.

Nothing Has Changed

The January 6 committee held Donald Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon, and former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, in contempt of Congress for not fully complying with subpoenas.

In addition, Davis revealed after the attack on Capitol Hill, some Republicans issued preservation and production orders to various security outfits.

He noted the security outfits or entities failed to comply with the recommendations. Furthermore, Davis added the Capital Police Inspector General made 104 security measure recommendations, which the department must make after the January 6 event.

However, most of these recommendations have not been implemented.

In addition, Davis wrote in his memo that the Capitol is not still safer than it was one year ago. Right now, it is still susceptible to attacks.

Worthy of note, too, is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are not interested in the safety of the Capitol. Instead, they have their eyes on making Donald Trump and his associates the scapegoats.

Davis revealed over 130 police officers assigned to the Capitol vacated the department. The consequence of this is the Capitol Police force is about 400 officers short of the required level.

However, Davis noted they would not allow a repeat of the January 6 event. He said necessary measures to ensure adequate security at the Capitol would be taken.