Hollywood Actress Bette Midler Reignites Debate Over Second Amendment

On Easter Sunday, singer and actress Bette Midler turned to Twitter to support increased regulations on purchasing and possessing firearms in the United States.

In her tweet, Bette Midler referred to the recent school shootings in Uvalde, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee. She implored her fans to “remember the massacre of your innocents.”

After that, she made a plea for a commitment to reform and resurrection for the people who had been wronged. Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Bette Midler has been an outspoken advocate for stricter gun control laws, especially in recent years.

Restrictions and How Frequently

In the past, Midler has taken to Twitter to advocate for greater restrictions on gun ownership, noting the high prevalence of gun violence in the United States.

She stated in one of her tweets that the Second Amendment was established before the United States of America had a federal army or police force. Then, Midler said the country has to modify the way it thinks about weapons because of this.

In addition to this, she said there had been 36 shootings in the country during January this year, which is a statistic that other individuals have contested.

The Easter message that Bette Midler delivered caused a stir among gun rights activists, who contend that implementing stronger gun control measures is not the solution to the problem of gun violence in the United States.

Several people have pointed out the frequency of mass shootings in the United States is often overstated and the issue at hand is more complex than restricting people’s access to firearms.

A Fundamental Right

Notwithstanding the backlash, Midler’s statement sheds light on a discussion in the United States over the Second Amendment and gun regulation. Others believe firearms ownership is a problem that needs to be addressed through legislative action.

In contrast, some believe firearms ownership is a fundamental right that should be protected. As the discussion moves on, it is not yet clear what effect Bette Midler’s message will have on the overarching topic that is being discussed.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.