Hillary Clinton Tries to Stop Donald Trump in Legal Battle

Another legal effort is underway on the civil side as Hillary for America attempts to undermine John Durham’s criminal investigation into the Trump-Russia hoax.

As initially disclosed by Red State, Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against anyone and their “mom,” alleging an “unthinkable scheme” to destabilize his campaign and administration by promoting phony conspiracy tales about Russian connections.

Among the defendants named in the claim are Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, Perkins Coie, Michael Sussmann, as well as Marc Elias.

All of those individuals and entities appeared to be on Durham’s radar as well.

Clinton’s Plans

Clinton is now attempting to stop Trump, with her attorneys submitting a motion to dismiss the case. They allege the previous president used the court as a fundraising tool.

According to a filing submitted in the US District Circuit for the Southern District of Florida, Trump’s $24 million lawsuit alleges an “unthinkable scheme” to “cripple” his presidential effort and portray his campaign as conspiring with Russia had no legal foundation.

“Whatever its value as a fundraising instrument, a news release, or a catalog of political issues, the plaintiff’s complaint lacks substance as a case and should be rejected with prejudice,” the 22-page court filing stated.

Perhaps tellingly, one of the filing’s primary reasons is Trump waited this long to launch the complaint. Clinton asserts at one point the statute of limitations on the former president’s RICO charges (the foundation of the case) had run out.

However, that may be accurate depending on the start date used, but it’s difficult to determine precisely when the time period would have begun.

Another section of the petition pertains to the alleged theft of “trade secrets.”

Clinton, meanwhile, maintains the material obtained from Trump Organization computers was not classified as such, but rather was “speech with which he takes issue.”

Finally, Clinton asserts Trump failed to prove she participated in any of the alleged conspiracies detailed in the lawsuit.

Suspicious and Worrying

Hillary Clinton’s attempt to absolve herself of any responsibility for her conduct is rather typical.

Whether or not it can be proven in court, it is self-evident she was behind the scheme to circulate false information in order to elicit a federal investigation into Donald Trump. 

The notion she was just using Perkins Coie for “legal counsel” and that Christopher Steele created the dossier on his own, while Michael Sussmann approached the FBI on his own initiative, does not match up.

Nonetheless, the failed Democrat is a master at covering her traces. Trump’s case will be difficult to win. There is also a very real potential, depending on the court, that she will prevail in her dismissal motion.

We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

I’m not holding my breath that justice will be served in this situation. Even if John Durham successfully eliminates some of Clinton’s lackeys, you can be sure she has completely shielded herself.