GOP Senators Take a Stand Against Biden on Border Control

Five Republican senators have said they will vote “no” on any omnibus budget bill. They stated it does not fully fund border security, citing a lack of cash for the southern border wall in particular.

Sens. Mike Braun, Cynthia Lummis, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Mike Lee say funding suggestions issued by the Senate Finance Committee failed to provide America’s Border Patrol agents with appropriate security facilities to defend America from uncontrolled illegal migration.

The refusal to provide adequate resources, they argued in the letter, is a culmination of Biden’s reluctance to confront the humanitarian and national defense threats posed by its open border policies.

The memo explains they are writing to express their opposition to any proposed Fiscal Year 2022 omnibus funding proposal that fails to finance the nation’s border security adequately.

Proposed Bill Ignores Border Security

The United States has been dealing with a significant and ongoing problem at the southern border; there were over 1.7 million migrant confrontations in FY 2021 and over 192,000 migrant confrontations in September.

The Biden presidency blamed underlying causes such as violence and poverty in Central America. Republicans, on the other hand, responded by pointing to the rollback of Trump-era policy initiatives (such as Biden’s choice to stop border wall development).

Furthermore, the five Republicans point out border wall financing was absent from Democrats’ appropriation measures. The Homeland Security appropriations bill redirects $1.9 billion in wall funds.

As a result, despite the southern border crisis, the plan allocates $14.5 billion in money for border protection, a decrease of more than $500 million from the FY 2021 request.

According to the bill summary, rather than wasting taxpayer money on border walls while ignoring evidence-based, more effective incentives, funds will be focused on less expensive investment opportunities to ‘enhance’ border security.

The bill states funds will be redirected toward inventive and cost-effective functionality, as well as critical investment opportunities to assist the CBP workforce. What a joke!

The Trump Administration Had Better Border Control

Republicans also pointed out a $50 million allocation that would allow the removal of the wall’s construction on federal land. They claim the Biden administration still ignores its importance, despite solid evidence wall building is essential for border security officials who are combating undocumented immigration, narcotics trafficking, and human trafficking.

They specifically cite Trump-era Department of Homeland Security (DHS) figures indicating illegal entry was diminished by up to 87 percent in areas where the wall was built.

The senators went on to say continuous border control funding, particularly financing for physical barrier building, is critical during the ongoing crisis. As such, and for the country’s safety, Republicans will not back any omnibus contract that excludes these funds or permits the administration to dismantle previously implemented border security measures.

Republicans have stayed focused on the wall. Just this week, Missouri and Texas sought a preliminary injunction to compel the administration to continue building the wall, claiming the redirection of funds appropriated by Congress was unlawful.