FBI Targets Democrat-unfriendly Info Under Election Felonies

After interfering in the 2016 presidential election with Russia hoaxes and the 2020 presidential election with the Hunter Biden computer story, the FBI appears to be preparing to tamper with the 2022 midterms.

Project Veritas revealed Thursday that a disclosed FBI document identifies “misinformation” as a possible “election felony.”

The report also records “misinformation and propaganda” as a potential election crime.


As Americans witnessed throughout the 2020 presidential election, the FBI’s interpretation of “false news” and “misinformation” is information that could undermine Democrats’ electoral hopes.

Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged in August that the FBI tampered in the 2020 election by instructing Facebook to remove “disinformation,” including the Hunter Biden computer story.

Democrats, Big Tech, the mainstream media, and the FBI branded The New York Post’s stunning report as Russian “misinformation and lies.”

Hunter allegedly made illicit business agreements in China and Ukraine using his father’s position and contacts, portraying then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as compromised.

To help shield Joe Biden, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its partner organizations in Big Tech and the mainstream media censored the Hunter laptop news, most of which was “validated or verifiable.”

A different FBI whistleblower report to Sen. Chuck Grassley, from earlier this year, said Washington Field Office Assistant Special Agent in Charge Timothy Thibault and other FBI officials lied about the evidence they got from different sources.

Some of this information had already been made public.

Sen. Chuck Grassley said Thibault directed the closing of a stream of material relating to Hunter Biden and wrongly marked the subject within the FBI system to stop it from being reviewed in the future.

The FBI asserted that trying to report from the flow was at risk of lies and misinformation, but whistleblowers told Grassley that all of the details were validated or verifiable.

Could Have Made A Difference

One in six Biden electors would have altered their minds if they knew about banned news articles, along with the laptop report. The FBI and many others tinkered in the election by squelching the bombshell, which may have helped Biden.

When it became evident the Hunter Biden laptop tale was true, the FBI declined to perform its job and investigate Hunter’s corruption over the last two years.

In the latest released paper, the FBI reminds personnel of the First and Fourth Amendments. What agents should do with the information is unknown, as the FBI has recently shown scant concern for the Constitution. The Biden computer is one example.

The FBI’s almost decade-long political harassment of Donald Trump is probably the most outrageous. During the 2016 presidential election, the bureau collaborated with Democrats to decimate the campaign of then-candidate Trump.

After the American people chose Trump, the FBI attempted to overturn his presidency using fabricated evidence and criminal actions. The FBI continues to target Trump now in an attempt to undermine his future 2024 political goals.

The FBI has never shown remorse for its election crimes or abuses of Americans’ civil liberties.

Instead, the feds have been empowered to continue their election-meddling methods by concealing information they deem uncomfortable for Democrats, further strengthening the American people’s suspicion of the Justice Department.