Fauci: New COVID-19 Strain “Omicron” is Possibly in the US

According to Anthony Fauci, COVID-19’s omicron version could have entered America. On NBC’s Weekend Today on Saturday, Fauci said he wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

He stated they have still not spotted it, but when a virus exhibits this level of infection, it almost always spreads essentially all over.

According to Fauci, the travel limits enforced by Biden on South Africa and seven other nations in the area are a means for the US to buy time. Meanwhile, they are preparing defenses against the strain.


Vaccinated and Previous Patients Aren’t Safe

Per a White House official, Biden has indeed been informed of the latest developments. In addition, his COVID emergency personnel is in frequent contact with health authorities around the world.

According to Fauci, it appears to have spread quickly in South Africa. It can infect individuals who have recovered from the virus and people who have already been vaccinated.

Therefore, this leads officials to believe this is something to pay close attention to. The United States praised South Africa late last week on how it swiftly recognized omicron and communicating with the rest of the world.

We believe that this remark is a thinly veiled jab at China’s handling of the novel coronavirus’ initial outbreak.

According to the State Department, Secretary of State Antony Blinken has spoken with South Africa’s international affairs and cooperation minister, Naledi Pandor. They discussed a partnership on how to provide the right vaccines for Africans against COVID-19.

Per the statement, Secretary Blinken said South African scientists did a great job for quickly identifying the omicron variant, as well as South Africa’s authorities for their openness in sharing this knowledge. 

China Accused of Lack of Transparency

The US has recurrently chastised China, first under Donald Trump and now under President Joe Biden, for failing to provide information about the origins of the coronavirus.

The virus was discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019, before spreading to other areas. It has now claimed the lives of nearly 5.2 million persons.

US intelligence agencies issued a report in August this year, stating they could not reach a definitive conclusion on the virus’ roots because China had not aided the investigation.

The US has also accused Beijing of taking too long to share essential information about the outbreak, claiming a more straightforward approach could have helped stall the virus’ spread.

Biden accused Beijing of obstructionism after the US report was released this summer. In a statement issued after the release of the unclassified report, Biden stated the world needs responses and he would not relax until we get them.

Biden further said responsible countries do not neglect such obligations to the rest of the globe. The global epidemic is one of many causes of acute strain in US-China relations today.

Meanwhile, the two superpowers clash over commerce, human rights, the thorny issue of Taiwan, among other things.