Fauci May Redefine “Completely Vaccinated” to Include Booster Doses

In a Sunday interview, Dr. Anthony Fauci stated being completely vaccinated does not necessitate the administration of a booster injection.

Fauci affirmed during an interview on ABC’s This Week that health authorities are still debating the need for a booster dose. Fauci added he would not change the meaning of “completely vaccinated” to include a booster dose.

Fauci told ABC’s Martha Raddatz health officials would continue to monitor the statistics since, for the time being, they are enhancing people’s morale and productivity levels.

Following the Science

In another appearance on Sunday, Fauci told State of the Union anchor Dana Bash the notion of the booster should not deter people. He added as time goes on, health officials may adjust the policies and procedures.

He went on to clarify this is exactly what they’d been stating all along with the phrase “follow the science.” Things can change and they must adapt to the new information.

Fauci’s explanations of booster injections are in direct conflict with prior claims he made. When speaking at the STAT Summit in 2021, Fauci said boosters are not an add-on, but rather a component of the initial regimen that should be followed.

As a result, when we look back on this, we will all agree boosters are necessary for an optimum immunization program.

At the time, Fauci stated as an immunologist and infectious diseases specialist, he feels a third shot boost for an mRNA [vaccine] should be included in the real standard protocol, where a booster is not a luxury.

He also claimed a booster is not an add-on, but an integral element of the initial regimen that should have been followed.

Boosters Now a Necessity to be Considered “Fully Vaccinated”

Despite Fauci’s evolving stance on boosters, he has defended the need for the additional injections, which the Food and Drug Administration approved for use among all adults in late October.

State officials have already begun to change the definition of “full vaccination” to include the booster dose. In addition, the governors of Connecticut and New Mexico have stated booster injections will be necessary.

Democrat Gov. Ned Lamont of Connecticut feels booster injections are necessary for a person to be completely immunized against the virus.

He stated we’ve been in the vaccine program for 11 months. According to Lamont, anyone who had a vaccination more than six months ago does not qualify as being completely immunized.

He also stated if you were last vaccinated more than six months ago, now is the time to receive a COVID booster shot.

Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham, the governor of New Mexico, also stated she feels comprehensive immunization against the coronavirus now requires patients to receive a booster dose.

Who saw this coming?