Even Democrat Senators are Fed Up with Biden’s Gas Prices

Joe Biden got control of a self-sufficient America and a significant exporter of oil products; he then remade it as a nation where a gas crisis is on the verge of escalating out of control.

Necessary energy infrastructure spending is being shelved; inflation has driven up gasoline costs for Americans’ households and vehicles. According to the American Petroleum Institute, gasoline costs have gone up to rates not seen in over six years.

Now that people are in the midst of the disaster Biden created, he is delaying action that could help ease some of the suffering he caused. At this moment, almost a dozen Democrat members of Congress have had it.

Eleven Democrat senators wrote to President Biden on Monday, pleading with him to consider all available tools at his disposal to reduce gas costs in the United States. They also asked him to include an update from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and a prohibition on petroleum exports.

Gas Prices Way Above Projected Figure

The letter was signed by the following Democrats: Senators Jack Reed, Maggie Hassan, Patrick Leahy, Bob Casey, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Tina Smith, Chris Van Hollen, Jeanne Shaheen, Richard Blumenthal, and Ed Markey.

The letter then went on to mention the national gasoline price has gone up by over $1 since last year. As the 2022 midterm elections approach, the Democrats (some of whom will be on the ballots in November) stated high gasoline prices place an undue burden on families and small businesses trying to make ends meet.

Democrats stated this has been especially true as their constituents continue to recover from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic in their home states.

Biden Might Want to Block Another Pipeline

Maintaining cheap gas and energy rates for Americans does not appear to be a priority for President Biden at this point in his term.

According to reports by Leah Barkoukis of Townhall, the Democrat president may be preparing to block yet another pipeline that transfers crucial energy supplies, even as the winter season begins to push up demand.

This is following the report by Politico that the president is silently investigating the prospective market impact of killing Enbridge’s Line 5.

This pipeline is carrying 540,000 barrels per day of light crude oil and natural gas liquids from Superior, Wisconsin to Sarnia, Ontario, where it is refined into propane. There has been an outpouring of opposition from Republicans in Congress over this.

Closing off Line 5, as Leah Barkoukis pointed out, is not a popular proposal among the people of the midwestern United States. Lawmakers from the region submitted a letter to President Biden in which they pleaded with him not to cancel the pipeline.

Midwestern lawmakers also described the pipeline as “vital to the pulse of the Midwest.”