Eli Bremer Campaigning in Colorado with Transgender Issues

Statistically speaking, Colorado has always been blue in statewide elections since 2006, except for 2014 when Cory Gardner won the Senate seat.

However, some Republicans think the state may flip this year, due to a controversial issue and how Democrats in the state are handling it.

Former Olympian Eli Bremer, who joined the race for Senate in the state, believes recent events can push the Republican Party to a rare victory.

Unresponsive Democrats

Bremer said the transgender sports problem could help his course to win the Senate in the state.

He was very critical of Senator Michael Bennet, D-Colorado, for refusing to pass the reform bill S. 2330.

It is particularly worrying because Bennet co-chairs the Congressional Olympic and Paralympic Caucus. However, Bennet’s spokesperson said he tried his best to get things done.

Despite the spokesperson saying Bennet did his best, results show otherwise. The Democrat Party in Colorado has shown it is not with women. In light of this, there’s every reason to believe women will want to vote for a person with their interests at heart.

Besides, aside from Bremer talking about women’s issues and riding on the wave, he is also a former Olympian. He understands what it means to be an athlete and understands the advantage biological males have over women in sports.

Bremer said this is a dangerous issue for Bennett, as Democrats always said Republicans do not respect and stand for women; yet things are different now.

He added he is a Republican fighting for women now, just as he fought to end sexual abuse in the Olympics years back.

Bigger Issues Coming?

Bremer noted the transgender issue in sports wouldn’t end at Lia Thomas, as schools across the country have started confusing students about their genders.

He said these disruptive schools have been teaching boys and girls to embrace being transgender. Moreover, many gender centers across the country reported a many-thousand-percentage increase in kids being gender distressed.

One thing is clear: Lia Thomas will not be the last biological male that will want to take away women’s shine. Federal legislation is needed as soon as possible to stop this before it spirals out of control.

Parents across the country are worried a man can be allowed to spit on their daughters’ years of hard work and training in the name of ‘gender identity.’

If Democrats do not see this as a problem, then Bremer using their pain as a campaign point is brilliant.

Besides, it worked in the concluded Virginia election when Glenn Youngkin campaigned on the school problems in Loudoun and won against Terry McAuliffe.

Who says it can’t work in Colorado? We’ll have to wait until November to see how well it will work for Eli Bremer.