DoorDash Establishes New PAC to Have a Voice in Politics

DoorDash, today, is one of the most popular food delivery services. Many people use the service to get their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some businesses even use DoorDash to have meals delivered to their offices.

On the flip side, DoorDash also gives people opportunities to make extra money in their communities. With inflation and interest rates on the rise, the additional funds that folks can pull in by working as food dashers tend to make a difference.

However, despite the success of DoorDash, the company is looking to expand in a somewhat unexpected way. This time, the delivery service has put together a brand new PAC in order to have a say in US politics, per The Hill.

Everything to Know About DashPAC

DoorDash cites the purpose of DashPAC as giving the company a say in backing the empowerment of communities, along with backing individuals who share its values.

With DashPAC, DoorDash will have the power to give donations to various political candidates, parties, and campaigns.

DashPAC has actually been in the making for quite some time. Back in 2020, DoorDash began establishing a team of lobbyists. The company’s also had an active stance in pushing back against Democrats’ work to classify gig economy workers as employees.

With this new committee, there is now speculation that DoorDash will have an even more active role in pushing back against anti-gig economy efforts, such as the Democrat-backed PRO Act.

The emergence of DashPAC also comes as Democrats have been aggressively pushing for various workers to unionize.

Meanwhile, this new committee will give DoorDash the opportunity to donate to candidates, possibly Republicans, who aren’t on board with the aggressive push to unionize workers across the board.

Could DoorDash’s Competitors Follow Suit?

Grubhub, UberEats, and other DoorDash competitors definitely stand to gain from DoorDash’s efforts to support gig economy workers and back politicians who align with the company’s values.

Thus far, 2021 saw Uber start its own PAC in California; however, the company hasn’t taken as active a role as DoorDash in regard to political influence.

It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibilities for other food delivery services to fight back against efforts that would hurt their businesses by essentially phasing out gig economy workers.

When independent contractors are classified as employees, it changes the whole legality of their work and requirements that companies have to meet.

Furthermore, many independent contractors working under this umbrella actually enjoy the perks of being able to set their own schedules, as opposed to having a rigid set of hours from an employer.

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