DOJ Caught Lying About Paul Pelosi Attack

The federal government and leftists are busy propagating misinformation campaigns regarding the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi.

New details show that Paul opened the door to the police, contrary to the FBI claims that the police broke into the house.

FBI Caught Lying About Paul Pelosi Attack

Since the attack happened on Paul Pelosi, leftists have constantly been accusing conservatives of propagating conspiracy theories. However, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is itself hiding facts to foster left-wing misinformation drives.

The FBI claimed in its federal indictment that police opened the door after reaching Paul Pelosi’s residence. Whereas the body cam footage of the police shows that Paul Pelosi himself opened the gate when the police arrived.

These types of claims by the DOJ are creating controversies around the attack on Paul Pelosi. Many political observers are asking why the DOJ lied when they could have made a solid case against the attacker by narrating the original events.

The District Attorney’s Office of San Francisco also mentioned in the court documents that Paul Pelosi opened the door with his left hand when the police arrived at his door.

Some sources familiar with the bodycam footage even claimed the police had a brief conversation with Paul and the attacker at the door before the attacker started hitting Paul with the hammer.

Any conservative political commentator who is questioning the events at Paul Pelosi’s home is accused of promoting misinformation campaigns and hate speech.

Nancy Pelosi personally slammed Republicans for preaching political violence in the United States, claiming her husband is the victim of hate speech by Republicans.

Liberals Are Silent on Leftists Conspiracy Theories

Liberal analysts are silent on the DOJ’s official stance about the events at Paul Pelosi’s home. Left-leaning media outlets are promoting liberal misinformation drives by stating it doesn’t matter who opened the door when the police arrived at the crime scene.

It seems the federal government is trying to get political mileage by manipulating the truth. Reportedly, the FBI tried to portray that Paul Pelosi was even unable to open the door since he was engaging with the attacker at the time of the police raid.

Though sources who have personally seen the bodycam footage reveal the police even talked with both the men inside the home before arresting the alleged attacker.

Meanwhile, some media outlets also expose other controversial events at Paul’s house.

NBC News published a bombshell report, according to which Paul did not tell the police he was in danger during his call to 911. However, law enforcement suggested they knew the caller was in danger, prompting them to take immediate action after the phone call.

Likewise, NBC News also emphasized that Paul did not try to leave his home when he was attacked, which creates further speculations about the events of the attack.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.