Detained Illegals Soon Be Required to Provide DNA and Fingerprint Information

In yet another attempt to combat illegal immigration in the state of Alabama, Senator Lance Bell proposed a bill that would require all detained illegal aliens to provide a DNA sample and fingerprints for cataloging.

This would serve to prevent criminals from committing crimes under a new identity upon being released. This is a common thing with illegals, as the majority of them end up being repeat offenders.

The libs won’t be happy with this one

Being the bill’s primary sponsor, Bell spoke with Fox News just one day after the bill was approved by the state’s Judiciary Committee, claiming a trip to the border was what inspired him to write the legislation.

According to Bell, the bill came to be after he was informed that an illegal immigrant committed a murder in the state of Alabama, only for the authorities to find out he was wanted in California for murder under a different name.

By cataloging DNA and fingerprints, the authorities would have an easier time identifying these criminals and possibly detaining them at the border, rather than only doing this after they’ve committed a crime in the US.

Bell added the majority of those who get deported upon being arrested eventually come back, albeit with a different name. This wouldn’t be an issue if we had more ways to identify these individuals.

Identification should’ve always been a necessity

On top of helping to identify these illegal aliens, cataloging them may also help find the perpetrators of crimes in other states, as one would with criminals that have US citizenship.

At the time, the bill is expected to reach the full state Senate by the end of the week.

That being said, the bill is focused on the illegals who don’t get processed. Bell himself said he’s not concerned about those who go through the legal process of crossing the border.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.