Despite White House Denial, Biden is Seriously Sick

On Friday, the White House issued a copy of President Biden’s first medical test findings, claiming he is fit to serve the country and highlighting observations, such as his “buckling” gait pattern.

Biden, who turned 79 on Saturday, was examined by White House doctor Kevin O’Connor for his first medical since assuming office. According to O’Connor’s evaluation, Biden continues to remain a healthy, strong, now-79-year-old guy who is fit to fulfill the responsibilities of the presidency properly.

O’Connor did not disclose any serious health concerns about the president. However, the findings of his examination revealed Biden currently has “mild sensory peripheral neuropathy of both feet.”

Biden also suffers from seasonal allergies, gastroesophageal reflux, hyperlipidemia, spinal arthritis, and a-fib with a regular ventricular response.” That’s quite a lot for “a fit man.”

Missing Details

O’Connor, who has been Biden’s doctor since 2009, noticed two changes in Biden recently, including a frequent wiping of his throat and a stiffer walk. He also mentioned the presence of “mild peripheral neuropathy” in Biden’s foot, but no reason was found.

Dr. Marc Siegel (a senior professor of medicine and a clinical internist at NYU Langone Medical Center) told Fox News after reviewing the exam findings, he seems to have some concerns.

These concerns are regarding material missing from the report that would offer a greater picture of the gait difficulty Biden experiences. He expressed his displeasure that they attribute Biden’s gait troubles to a broken foot.

Siegel went on to explain the description is incomplete. It is critical to understand why Biden is suffering from particular health conditions. He stated what he wants to know is where the MRIs and EMGs are.

Siegel stated they performed a full neurological assessment, but they also needed to perform a nerve conduction EMG, along with an MRI of the brain and spinal cord to understand where this gait problem stems from.

Numerous detractors have suggested O’Connor’s statement did not provide a cognitive examination of the president. Other tests to check Biden’s health, according to Siegel, might “rule out” items that could be connected with cognitive deterioration.

Cognitive Abnormalities, Possibly Dementia

Siegel stated this while looking at neurological factors for the gait alteration. He does not believe their explanation in the physical is adequate. 

He wants to see what the MRIs reveal and what the nerve conduction EMG indicates to rule out more immense issues. Siegel said the issues could be connected with cognitive abnormalities, such as dementia.

Siegel went on to say this isn’t a completely described neurological examination of a person with gait impairment, and he’d like to know why. It should be noted normal strain hydrocephalus, a condition involving fluid on the brain, poses a “chance” for certain medical problems.

This has been linked to cognitive decline. O’Connor also stated a “benign-appearing polyp was detected in the ascending colon” during a “pre-scheduled screening colonoscopy,” which was “resected without trouble.”

According to the article, Biden “works out at least five days each week” and now “takes three standard prescription drugs and two popular over-the-counter meds.”

Many Americans have been concerned about Biden’s general health and cognitive status, especially after him gaining office. Biden has drawn scrutiny for everything from his recurrent coughs and stumbles to his mangled sentences and odd demeanor.