Democrats Losing Voters All Round

In a similar vein to the Democrat Party’s battle to keep working-class voters, Hispanic people are quickly abandoning the Democrat Party. 

A recent Quinnipiac poll indicated Hispanic respondents disapprove of President Biden’s work performance more than almost any other racial group, with only 12% approving strongly. 

Evenly Split

A flurry of polls showing Latino support for both Biden and Democrats switched to show Hispanic voters evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. 

In recent cycles, Democrats lost support among less educated and working-class citizens as far-left liberals shifted the party’s focus away from domestic matters and onto contentious social and cultural issues.

These issues have trumped practically all else Democratic voters traditionally prioritize. 

When questioned why Latino voters are turning right, Democratic strategist Brad Bannon said inflation is the main reason. He added Hispanics are dissatisfied since their wages are not keeping pace with prices.

A December Wall Street Journal poll indicated while Hispanic respondents were divided on which party they would support if elections were conducted today, a majority perceived Republicans as better suited to combat inflation and secure the border. 

Ruy Teixeira, a Democratic strategist and writer of “The Emerging Democratic Majority,” linked some of the Democrats’ troubles with Hispanics to the party’s failure to focus on working-class issues. 

“This was a mistake,” Teixeira said.

“The Hispanic community is mainly working-class, financially progressive, centrist, and concerned about employment, the economy, and medical services.” 

Throughout his four years in office, former President Trump steered Hispanics away from the Democrats, solidifying his reputation as a defender of the uneducated and low-income. 

According to a New York Times analysis of precinct-level data, Trump received 45% more Latino votes in 2020 than in 2016.

Issues That Concern Them

According to Democratic research company, Catalyst, between 2016 and 2020, Hispanic voters shifted eight points towards Trump. 

People with less education have steadily moved toward Republicans, regardless of race. 

A recent Gallup poll found Biden lost the most support among non-college-going voters and the lowest support among college-going voters. 

According to the same poll, from 2020/21 to March 2022, Biden’s approval rating fell by 21% among Hispanic voters. 

A decision by the Democrats to focus on liberal social issues and not economic issues that matter to the working class may be influencing some of the Hispanic electorates to consider voting Republican next time. 

Some of the Democrat Party’s most prominent spokespeople might come across as preachy and snobbish, according to Reeher. 

The working-class electorate also dislikes the Democrat Party’s liberal stance on issues like sexual identity and abortion, as well as their perceived intolerance of dissent on those issues. 

A year after most Hispanics chose Biden, Democrat gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe lost the Hispanic vote in the Virginia governor’s race by as much as 12%.