Democrats Slipping Into Panic Mode in Virginia

Election Day 2021 is only three weeks away. Plans to become victorious in the polls are already in high gear. However, certain battles are still left to be won in some key states. Virginia is an example because as D-day draws closer, nobody can predict how the poll will turn out.

The uncertainty in the Virginia gubernatorial election is unprecedented, as some have considered Virginia a blue state. Moreover, their reasons are not far-fetched, as a Republican hasn’t won a statewide office for 12 years.

Aside from that, former President Trump lost by ten percentage points to Joe Biden in 2020. In addition, Democrat presidential candidates have always won in Virginia since 2008.

However, even with a history of doing great in Virginia, Democrats are showing they do not have the confidence to win the polls.

This is because the Democratic National Committee (DNC) launched a new constituency ad campaign focusing on electing the party’s nominee, Terry McAuliffe, as governor.

DNC to Spend $5 Million to Get McAuliffe Elected

In what seems to be a desperate attempt to ensure McAuliffe wins in Virginia, the DNC pledged to spend a minimum of $5 million in the state ahead of the elections.

With Democrats poised to spend what appears to be their biggest investment ever in the state, it means one thing; they do not think their party or candidate is as popular as they expected.

The DNC released a statement, explaining the new campaign plan and how they will spend the $5 million. The committee said the money would provide voter protection assets, boost volunteer efforts in the commonwealth, and improve coordinated campaigns.

The chairman of the DNC, Jaime Harrison, said the committee has a promise to ensure Democrats in Virginia have the needed resources to win the ticket in November. He added the $5 million investment would help ensure all Virginians get the party’s message.

The Election Should Not Be About Trump

For Democrats, the election is barely about the Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin, but about Donald Trump. The Democrat Party has been trying to convince Virginians that a vote for Youngkin is a vote for Trump.

Top Democrat Party operatives and McAuliffe expressed their confidence in the polls, if they can tie Glenn Youngkin with the former president. Moreover, the chairman of the DNC also said the party would do what it takes to defeat Virginia Republicans, as they are only focused on kissing Trump’s ring.

It is unclear why the party is basing its strategy on someone who is not on the ballot. Besides, they also seem to have forgotten that President Biden is losing popularity day by day.

McAuliffe once expressed his wish to have Biden at all his campaign events. He also promised to bring the president to Virginia. However, with public opinion currently going against the president, we believe he might want to separate the president from his campaign.

In light of this, there’s a possibility Virginians will vote for the Republican Party candidate, based on how poorly the president is doing.

Both parties still have a lot to do to win the November 2nd election in Virginia. However, with election day in Virginia coming close, only one thing is certain: any candidate can win this.