Delusional Biden Confident About Democrats Midterm 2022 Victory

President Joe Biden delivered a speech at the Democratic National Committee’s Christmas dinner on Tuesday night. He voiced confidence his party would win the midterm elections in 2022.

Biden told a throng of around 400 people in Washington, D.C., they must continue to make their point. He needs to repeat it so that everyone understands it and comes directly from the president’s lips: Democrats are going to win in 2022.

The “Ideal” President

Biden stated he intends to notify all of his Republican buddies to prepare for a difficult time. Biden said Republicans are “against everything” and challenged the audience to find something the GOP is “for.”

Many political observers predict Republicans will win in a landslide the next House elections during November.

The president praised the newly enacted infrastructure spending bill, claiming it to be the most substantial piece of funding since the Eisenhower regime. Biden also expressed his delight that more than 200 million Americans received vaccinations.

The event also featured a speech from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who highlighted why Biden is the ideal president to lead the country through the difficult circumstances it is experiencing.

The San Francisco Democrat assured the audience the nation could not be served better than by President Biden’s most qualified and professional hands. 

Dwindling Poll Ratings

President Biden’s popularity among Americans has remained in the negative as 2021 enters its final few weeks. According to a national study conducted by NPR and Marist College last Thursday, Biden has 43 percent support and 51 percent disapproval. 

A nationwide survey conducted by Monmouth University the day before revealed a 40 percent approval rating and a 50 percent disapproval rating for the president. Both polls were carried out during the last several days.

According to an average of all recent national surveys gathered by RealClearPolitics, Biden’s popularity rating is 42 percent. In comparison, his disapproval rating is 52 percent, according to the same poll. 

The average includes a massive survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal last month, which found the president was significantly underperforming, with 41 percent to 57 percent of the vote.

While appearing on NBC’s “Tonight Show” on Friday night, Biden quipped that he stopped paying attention to his popularity numbers. 

“Well, not anymore,” Biden said during a remote interview from the White House when host Jimmy Fallon inquired as to how much he heeds polling results.

“I’m joking,” the president said, as Fallon burst out laughing and the audience cheered enthusiastically. Biden said he previously paid a fair amount of attention when his rating were in the mid-60s.

However, since Biden has consistently learned that his approval numbers across the United States are now in the objective low 40s bracket, the 46th president is no longer interested in paying attention. 

This mindset is precisely the problem.