Deep Blue Houston’s Poll Results Punctures the Democrats’ 2022 Ship

On Saturday night, deep blue Houston, Texas, provided some bad news to Democrats. They hoped the problem of critical race theory in schools would be resolved, due to the recent Virginia election results. 

In one of the nation’s largest school systems, two anti-CRT candidates were elected to the school board, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The results continued the pushback against far-left politics imposed on students in public education systems.

The Religion of “Wokeness”

On Saturday night, incumbents were defeated in two of four runoff races for the Houston Independent School System board of trustees. 


Kendall Baker won the District 6 seat by fewer than 100 votes against Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca, who ran for the position. Commissioner Anne Sung was defeated by Bridget Wade, an ex PTO president, in District 7.

Baker and Wade received endorsements from top Texas Republicans. They were outspoken in their opposition to mask requirements and the inclusion of critical race theory in schools.

The fact the leftist Houston Chronicle continues to insist these contests are otherwise “nonpartisan” (as long as Republicans don’t intervene to defend their children) is baffling.

There hasn’t been anything nonpartisan about these education department elections. The elections are mainly run by the far-left, attempting to indoctrinate children into the religion of “wokeness.”

On the contrary, these Democrats have gone unopposed for far too long. In the last year or two, conservatives have transformed the political landscape, gaining seats throughout the country and in state contests by combating these cultural challenges.

Republicans are on the verge of winning this war.

What is Coming During Next Year’s Midterms?

This happens when the right decides to stop engaging in failure theater and begins fighting fire with fire instead. Our ability to win these battles is dependent on our willingness to fight.

There is a clear line between these fresh triumphs and many in the Republican Party abandoning the old-guard consultant class who would sooner lose in style than lose in substance.

As for Democrats, the truth is these concerns will not be resolved anytime soon. A big part of their ambition is that passing Biden’s plan would somehow turn 2022 into a vote on infrastructure and government-funded childcare.

This is a pipe dream. People in the United States have woken up; they aren’t willing to sit back and watch while lunatics ruin their children.

There’s a reason why Hispanics have been abandoning the Democrat Party in favor of the Republican Party over the last year; it has nothing to do with the economy or immigration. For most people, family is everything, and the left is actively working to demolish it as an institution.

Democrats, on the other hand, have no intention of shifting their positions. There is no doubt they will continue to lean into the madness, advocating “woke-ism” and insisting race be incorporated into every subject.

According to polls, ordinary Americans will turn out in droves to vote against Democrats in November.