COVID Infections Rise in Most Vaccinated Regions

Amid the Great Vax War, “science” has long given way to political opportunism and hyper-biased prejudice. In other words, the facts continue to contradict Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. Let’s start with Vermont’s oddities.

Vermont had the highest vaccination rate in the country (71.5 percent). On Friday, according to ABC News, Vermont still leads the pack with a nearly 72 percent COVID immunization rate.

Model for the Country

The “model for the country” has altered, due to a significant increase in COVID instances. At a news conference on Tuesday, Mike Pieciak, Commissioner of the Vermont Office of Financial Regulation, stated they had not previously witnessed an uptick in COVID cases.

He noted there were more than 2,100 instances recorded for the week. Per the state data, the seven-day average of Vermont COVID cases increased by 42 percent.

According to ABC News, Vermont conducts more testing than virtually every other state; although, the increase was just 9 percent. The statewide positive rate jumped 30 percent, with a seven-day average positivity rate of slightly under 4 percent.

Vermont’s health commissioner, Dr. Mark Levine, says the spike has no “clear explanation.” As ABC News points out, Democrats still have their “hole card” – the seemingly omnipresent delta strain.

Dr. Levine says the Vermont delta surge reflects increased cases in the area, as northern states that were mostly spared throughout the summer are now witnessing surges during the winter. 

According to a review of CDC and Health and Human Services statistics, Vermont is one of 22 states that has witnessed an increase in daily infections of 10% or more in the previous two weeks.

As reported by ABC News, the highly contagious delta strain is now affecting the US and Vermont. Dr. Carney adds the delta strain is so infectious it seeks out uninfected people.

How does that explain Vermont’s boom? You don’t have to be a scientist to see BS. The excellent doctor’s theory implies states with lower immunization rates would be subject to bigger delta spike rates than Vermont.

COVID Vaccines for Life!

The absence of natural COVID-19 resistance among unvaccinated Vermonters may be a “beneficiary of our accomplishment,” Dr. Levine remarked on Tuesday. According to ABC News, Vermont has one of the poorest levels of natural resistance to the virus in the country.

We are to assume it is due to Vermont having the highest rate of vaccinated citizens. Vermonters, vaccinated and unvaccinated, have the most significant rate of new COVID cases in the US. Sure, that makes sense.

Levine doubled down and said due to the increased number of infections, COVID tolerance might be “waning” among Vermonters who’ve been “effectively and successfully” immunized early on.

Recurrent cases among vaccinated people increased 31% last week, state records show. Do you see what they’re doing? They’re preparing us for lifelong COVID shots, America. Even the Washington Post admits we will never be adequately immunized.

COVID will also remain until the end of time. Meanwhile, COVID twits like Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi will keep hyping the virus at any chance they get.