Congress Should Disband the FBI

Special Counsel John Durham is exposing the FBI’s lengthy history of power abuse. His conviction shows how the FBI uses government intelligence against the enemies of Democrats.

Durham’s research emphasizes the FBI often meddles in politics, such as when it helped the Hillary Clinton campaign characterize former President Trump as a Russian asset.

By obtaining a FISA order on Carter Page, the FBI undoubtedly spied on Trump and his close circle under the two-hop rule.

It appears the FBI’s animus towards Trump sprang from foreign policy disputes. Spygate is only the latest example of FBI abuses that Congress must stop.

Impropriety Throughout History

FBI misconduct is widespread. Since the War on Terror began, the FBI targeted Muslim groups through informants who may be involved in unlawful acts that go unchecked.

Trevor Aaronson reviewed hundreds of FBI cases and discovered an FBI informant led one of three terrorist plans and provided weapons, money, and transportation.

An FBI agent encouraged a would-be shooter to “Tear up Texas” before that individual opened fire in a packed gathering. Even the San Bernadino shooter had “FBI contacts.”

Recently, rumors surfaced that Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend was an FBI agent.

Since Trump’s election, the FBI’s attention has switched to far-right threats. Ted Cruz labeled the January 6 incident “terrorism” (he later apologized for this language).

The Biden administration used FBI counterterrorism resources to pursue parents who voiced concerns at school board meetings. The FBI’s 2022 budget includes additional agents and informants to tackle “domestic terrorism.”

The FBI is known for shielding the wealthy and trampling justice. The FBI protected sex abuser Larry Nassar because of his authority in U.S. gymnastics.

Don’t forget intelligence agency participation in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Epstein’s predations were permitted to boost the authority of U.S. intelligence agencies, such as the FBI.

Disband FBI

Our democratic country requires FBI reform. Conservatives lack reform ideas. Democrats, who have historically questioned intelligence agency power, are increasingly united with them against political foes.

Right-wing politicians demand “investigations,” but they’re just fundraising ploys.

In an ideal world, history-minded social conservatives would want to disband the FBI and leave its tasks to state police, but try finding support for that concept among Republican House and Senate members.

Breaking up the FBI into a dozen smaller organizations is a bold, impactful, and politically achievable idea. These lesser components would have less authority and reputation. Congress would have more supervision over their outcomes and activities.

Congress might adjust financing for these smaller organizations, based on outcomes and public objectives.

Most importantly, separating the FBI would give the White House—the elected president—direct control over each agency.

Politicians are accountable to the public, but bureaucrats aren’t. The smaller agencies wouldn’t be as influential or well-known as the FBI, which would make it harder for them to get involved in domestic politics.

Some say dividing the FBI causes additional issues. This overlooks the benefits of decreased complexity and Congress’ and the executive’s enhanced oversight and control.

Others say more presidential power is hazardous. This is the current status quo, but just for Democrats. Our intelligence bureaucracies are unaccountable to elected politicians, which is a concern.

The Plan

When splitting up the FBI, locate the new agencies in the Midwest, rustbelt, and southeast, criminal organizations agency in Indiana, a counterterrorism office in Raleigh, North Carolina, and an anti-human trafficking bureau in Kansas City.

The president will still select and approve the heads of these smaller agencies.

The advantages are clear. The FBI’s budget of $10 billion may be split between different agencies, but independent agencies give Congress more spending power.

The FBI is under-resourced to combat human trafficking, exploitation of children, and abuse. The FBI’s politicization means adding officers to go after political opponents, not children.

Create a centrally-based anti-trafficking agency. “Domestic terrorism” personnel should be replaced by anti-trafficking agents.

This new structure would increase congressional and presidential accountability. This would allow the intelligent public to hold the government responsible.

The public would be shocked by how little our government is spending on anti-trafficking and child exploitation initiatives.

The public would be shocked to learn how much more we spend on entrapping people in the guise of combatting “domestic terrorism,” which is considerably less of a threat than human trafficking. Open the blinds!

If Republicans don’t like this proposal, they should provide an alternative. Too often, our elected officials hide behind angry words and don’t come up with hard-nosed legislative solutions. Action is needed now; talk is cheap.

Too much power in too few hands corrupts, especially when it’s unaccountable to the people. D.C. bureaucracy and intelligence agencies are a menace to our democracy.

No political movement can restore our democratic republic without overhauling the FBI.