Congress Out of Session on Pelosi’s Watch

Despite all the bluster and photo ops supporting Ukraine, Democratic officials are still days late and billions short. They must move quickly. 

Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas said as much on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

Not in Session

First, McCaul, the senior Republican on the House Foreign Relations Committee, was glad that Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to Ukraine.

She and President Joe Biden backed a $33 billion aid proposal for the suffering nation. Still, he bemoaned another impending assistance delay. 

“I think time is crucial,” McCaul remarked. “The next two to three weeks will be critical in this conflict. I don’t believe Congress has much time to waste.” 

“You see, if I were the leader for a day, I’d summon Congress back to work because we’re not, we will not be in service next week,” he said.

“In the meantime, they risk losing this battle if we don’t supply more weaponry. I believe they can win, but we must equip them.” 

McCaul is correct. It defies logic that Pelosi, who is eager to go across the world to support Ukraine, is also ready to let Congress stay out of session for another vital week.

Congress should reconvene on Tuesday and enact the relief package quickly.

After approval, it will take days or weeks to deliver the new help. For the Ukrainians, each day that military and civilian aid is delayed is a day of death and agony. 

Calculating Not to Offend Putin

The Biden presidency has always been meticulous in calculating what help to offer when. They opted to deploy anti-tank rockets, but not airplanes to bomb tank lines. They settled on “defensive” weaponry, but not “offensive.” 

At this pace, Biden will soon declare that giving Ukrainians Bowie knives is okay, but not giving them switchblades since he thinks Putin dislikes hidden blades. 

In a conflict, keeping allies abreast of the executioner isn’t the purpose. The only legitimate goal is victory. 

McCaul believes Ukraine “can win this war.”  That must be the objective.

“I was glad to hear Secretary Austin and Blinken agree that they could win. We should go on the attack in Donbas with our howitzers and killer drones and push them out.” 

Concerned that Russian war monger Vladimir Putin would deploy tactical nuclear missiles, McCaul acknowledged what Biden has been hesitant to say: “If that occurs, we must respond in kind.” 

It should be clear. The greatest way to prevent Putin from using nukes is to show that we will demolish him.

If we give him enough reason to believe he can use warheads with impunity, the inconceivable damage will already be done. Our response would obliterate the Kremlin, but it would be another terrible day late in protecting people from harm.