Concession on COVID Embarrasses Joe Biden as Records Surface

According to the president’s office, Joe Biden has formally yielded on COVID-19. No, it’s not right-wing propaganda. The president categorically said there was no federal answer to the coronavirus problem, saying the remedies would be found at the state level.

Failed Promises

There were key “I told you so” moments for many people that went back not just weeks, but all the way back to spring 2020 when it looked impossible to halt the transmission of the virus.

Despite this, we’ve been engaged in a ludicrous game of demands and lockdowns since then, with some of the orders and lockdowns coming from the national government.

However, when the number of cases increased and omicron assumed control, the White House appeared to recognize it was time to place the responsibility on state leaders.

Of course, in reality, the internet is eternal. Earlier utterances by Biden and his present chief of staff have caused some discomfort in Congress and elsewhere, just as Ronald Klain said during the 2020 election campaign.

It demonstrates Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign was a total and utter fraud. Everything they guaranteed failed to materialize; their pledges surrounding COVID-19 are the most egregious example of this failure to appear.

In reality, Biden’s continuous denigration of Trump was nothing more than a cover for his miraculous solution. These guys didn’t have a game plan.

There was nothing but bravado from them, and this week, that great lie was revealed for what it was: Biden himself admitted the federal government could not address this problem on its own.

Pushing the Issues onto Others

With that stated, the White House is not entitled to just throw its hands in the air and pretend they haven’t been saying the contrary all year. Keep in mind the administration frequently pressed for governors, such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis, to “get out of the way.”

However, now that it is opportune, Biden wishes to place the whole burden on the shoulders of the states.

While it may be the proper decision, the president did not get there by walking around shouting and screaming for it. He receives no recognition for his apparent attempt to avoid responsibility.

No, this is the individual who informed us he intended to “shut down the virus.” Neither Trump nor Biden was compelled to assert they were solely accountable for hundreds of thousands of fatalities or that they alone had the potential to subdue COVID.

That was Biden’s decision, and now he must live up to the standard he established for himself. On his watch, more individuals have died, due to the coronavirus.

Even though he failed to shut down the virus, he is now riding out to Delaware for the 31st time since assuming office, as if no one is paying attention. We’re paying attention and 2022 is right around the corner.