CNN Contributor Denies ‘Violent’ Atlanta Antifa Protest

Angry protesters in Atlanta attacked the Atlanta Police Foundation, police vehicles, and other businesses, leading to a tense situation in the city.

Like CNN and MSNBC did in excusing the BLM/Antifa riots in 2020, a local station messed up by calling it a “largely peaceful rally.”

The reporter properly said Manuel Teran’s death sparked the disturbance. However, he neglected to mention the police shot Teran in self-defense after he reportedly opened fire on them without provocation.

Redefining Violence

CNN, however, didn’t want to be left out of the stupid commentary action, so they joined in.

They interviewed “freelance reporter” David Peisner, who stated Antifa’s attacks on the Atlanta Police Institute and other establishments, as well as the use of detonators to set a police car on fire, were not “violence” but the police detaining them for such actions was.

On Saturday’s episode of “CNN Newsroom” with Pamela Brown, he expressed his concern that the definition of “violence” is being muddied. He questioned whether violence resulting in property damage could even be classified as such.

Furthermore, he stated the assumption that vandalism and other forms of property destruction are equivalent to physical aggression against people is deceptive and dangerous.

According to Peisner, only the police tackling demonstrators may be considered an act of violence because the word “violence” exclusively relates to acts against individuals.

Additionally, he minimized the riots by labeling the participants a “small group” and ignoring the threats made by numerous leftist Twitter accounts against the police. It doesn’t appear that Pamela Brown thought Peisner’s comments were ridiculous.

Given his recent posts on the issue, they should not have been shocked.

He spoke highly of Teran to the point of retweeting a message from the “Defend the Forest” account that said Teran had been “killed” by the cops. Andy Ngo, a journalist, wondered why, given those revelations, they were even interviewing him.


Moreover, given CNN’s prior actions, Peisner’s postings are likely the reason they brought him on. What an interesting angle from which to try to explain riots.

CNN still seems to be having trouble moving away from its previous liberal stance.

This, however, is not simply Peisner’s looney interpretation; it is the socialist interpretation as a whole. Property destruction is not considered “violence” by the extreme left. This is how we get at this completely ludicrous interpretation of the “quiet” riot.

Since they consider themselves to be “defending the forest,” they consider the police to be the aggressors for trying to remove them from the land.

That’s why they shouldn’t be held responsible for anything the police decide to do after that. They are also ignoring the fact their man reportedly shot a police officer.

Peisner denied there was any violence, but six individuals were jailed as a result.