CNN Broadcasts Hateful Fake News About Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

CNN has a long history of brazen lies. That’s part of why former President Trump started calling it “fake news” and so many people agreed with him.

The network still hasn’t changed its harmful ways and continues to incite violence against conservatives and patriots. The latest episode of CNN lies is extremely disturbing and involved a vicious character attack on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The incident occurred on Wednesday when CNN host Bianna Golodryga brought on former US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to talk about DeSantis changing aspects of Florida’s state curriculum.

Then, she let Duncan spew a number of half-baked, incredibly false lies.

What Did Duncan Say?

Golodryga was just following up with a question about Advanced Placement (AP) African-American studies and the college board.

The new course material includes a focus on “queer” black people, the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM), and the debate over paying reparations to black Americans.

DeSantis recently decided to focus Florida’s curriculum on western studies, instead of including woke and racially motivated material that would increase racial division. He banned this AP material in Florida, which greatly enraged Duncan.

When he addressed the question of how the College Board reconciled with the AP’s African-American studies books, Duncan mentioned how DeSantis had blocked it in Florida.

Duncan, with a portrait of Barack Obama behind him, then took advantage and vent all his anger and dissatisfaction with the governor of Florida.

Duncan claimed DeSantis cares only about white people and he is trying to fulfill an extremely white nationalist agenda of white supremacy. Many leftists are echoing Duncan’s baseless attack.

It Gets Worse…

Duncan said DeSantis is an “extraordinarily disturbing” individual and decried what’s happening in Florida.

Duncan said DeSantis always attacks those who are most helpless in society. Duncan claimed DeSantis has an aversion to blacks, immigrants, LGBT folks, and anyone else who’s not white or well-off.

He said he cares about it and that voters have to be aware of this kind of behavior. For Duncan, voters should not support politicians with the same stance as DeSantis and Florida is turning into a nightmare.

After Duncan unleashed all his fury, Golodryga still wanted to ask about the actual question. He admitted he hadn’t looked at the new course materials.

Duncan should actually have done his homework and known that his lies aren’t going to convince anyone. Even Moldovan-born Golodryga looked very skeptical and a bit annoyed with his childish DeSantis fetish.

Do you happen to have video or photos showing DeSantis pulling books and African-American materials out of schools?

They don’t exist, because that’s not what’s happening. He’s simply blocked a woke and disturbingly racist academic course from being run in Florida.

Fake News Is Not OK

If we look closely, CNN has always been biased and carefree in the way it operates.

In this case, Golodryga did try her best to rein him in, but Duncan hijacked the interview and humiliated her with his stupid rant. What he said is a hate-filled lie.

Despite her best attempts, Golodryga and CNN need to start taking responsibility for what they broadcast. If you don’t want hateful lies on your network, don’t have hateful liars on as guests.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.