Clinton Judge Grants Trump Lawyers One-Hour Deposition with E. Jean Carroll in Defamation Case

In a surprising move, a federal judge whom former President Bill Clinton appointed gave the green light for former President Donald Trump’s legal team to depose E. Jean Carroll.

Carroll is the woman who made the serious allegations of sexual assault against Trump, dating back to the 1990s. Despite objections from the plaintiff’s legal team, the deposition will be strictly limited to a mere hour.


In 2019, Carroll launched a lawsuit against Trump, alleging he defamed her by refuting her rape accusations. President Trump denied the allegations made by E. Jean Carroll, stating that she is not his type. Carroll retaliated by filing a defamation lawsuit against him.

In a bold move, former President Trump’s legal team has requested a deposition with E. Jean Carroll in March of this year. The request is part of ongoing legal proceedings related to Carroll’s allegations against Trump.

Liberal judge denies Trump’s demand for timely evidence in Carroll case, citing the undue burden on the accuser.

The Trump legal team has taken their case to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, allowing them to present their arguments. In a recent ruling, the appeals court has allowed the deposition to proceed, albeit with a strict time limit of only one hour.

Carroll’s legal team has boldly requested that the deposition be canceled altogether, citing concerns for their client’s safety and privacy.

Despite the potential harm it could cause, the judge’s decision to allow the deposition of Carroll, who has already made her allegations public, has been met with controversy.

Her Lawyer

Roberta Kaplan, the attorney representing Carroll, expressed her disappointment in the ruling, but stated they would abide by it. Kaplan vows to keep fighting for justice for Carroll.

In a stunning turn of events, President Trump’s legal team has emerged victorious in a recent ruling.

The team has expressed their eagerness to depose Carroll and continue their pursuit of justice. Conservative news sources report the deposition will confirm President Trump’s truthful denials.

In the upcoming weeks, a deposition is scheduled to take place where both sides are anticipated to defend their stances fiercely.

The highly publicized case has attracted considerable media coverage and is expected to remain in the spotlight as it moves forward.