Chicago Teens Riot as Democrats Announce Their 2024 Convention Will Be Held in the Windy City

Only a few days after the Democrats announced the DNC will be held in Chicago next year, the city’s teens took to the streets to riot. They were destroying public and private property, shooting each other and just overall sending the wrong message about the city.

One could easily argue that Walmart did the right thing this month. They decided they’ll be closing more than half of their stores in the city, as they were rapidly losing money due to petty theft.

The woke mob heads to Chicago come 2024

Of course, the Democrats have done everything in their power to be as obsolete about the happenings in the city as possible, with Valerie Jarrett claiming the DNC will be a “blast”, just like it was back in 1996.

Twitter users were among the first to point out the absurdity in her statement. It wasn’t long until all hell broke loose in the city, there being multiple instances of people being robbed, maced, or shot on the street.

As it turns out, the entire thing started when somewhere around 200+ teens started a mass-scale brawl. This quickly turned into the destruction of property when they started jumping on parked and moving cars.

Soon thereafter, guns made an appearance; people reported that the teens have started chasing after and firing shots at them, completely unprovoked.

Teen takeover in Chicago spirals out of control

At this point, everyone’s wondering what the hell these kids’ parents are doing; there’s nothing to justify this sort of behavior except for bad parenting.

That being said, the footage does show the majority of the rioters are black teens. You’ll be hard-pressed to ignore that fact unless you’re looking to feel the unbridled rage of the woke mob yourself.

Regardless of what caused it and who’s doing it, the roughhousing has turned into senseless violence in a flash. The city’s police force responded accordingly, which didn’t do much in terms of suppressing the gunfire from the rioters.

Several frightened tourists were escorted back to their cars and hotel rooms; it’s safe to say they probably won’t be coming back to Chicago in the near future.

A six-year-old child was shot in the arm during the riots; whereas a 17-year-old was shot in the leg. Upon being taken care of at Northwestern Hospital, they’re both reported to be in fair condition.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.