Chicago Has a New Mayor and He’s No Good

Conservatives have spoken out about the mayoral race in Chicago.

The general consensus here is that the election of liberal activist and teachers’ union member Brandon Johnson as the subsequent mayor of Chicago will be far more detrimental for Chicago than Lori Lightfoot was.

Johnson ended up beating Paul Vallas on Tuesday.

This is Not Good

After the polls closed on Tuesday night, Johnson was declared the winner with 51.4% of the vote against Vallas’ 48.6%.

During his victory address, Johnson remarked that many had said he would never win.

He continued by saying in regards to the Chicagoans who chose not to support him, he feels that they should know he values and cares for them.

He said he’d like to talk with them as it’s his goal to do the job properly for everyone across the city. The goal of the campaign has consistently been to make the community greater, more powerful, and safer for all Chicagoans.

He further promised to expand the “bold progressive movement” across the country.

In further remarks, Johnson stated that they will spread this brave, progressive movement throughout the United States of America. He said that in Chicago, they can demonstrate to the nation and the entire world what can be accomplished when they uphold their principles.

Johnson Has High Hopes

He said they do not have to pick between firmness and kindness.

Johnson also stressed that the people of Chicago do not have to make the choice between looking out for their neighbors and ensuring the safety of their citizens. If this is evidence of something, it is that those earlier mistakes don’t currently serve their city.

It remains to be seen what comes from Johnson’s leadership in Chicago. Many Americans are not showing very high hopes for what his new term as mayor will bring.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.