Catholics Disappointed as Pope’s Easter Celebrations Take Second Place

On Easter Sunday, April 9th, Pope Francis gave his annual ‘Urbi et Orbi’ (To the City and the World) address in St. Peter’s Square.

The 86-year-old Pope reclined in a chair on the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica, facing the square, as approximately 100,000 people listened below.

Peace and Harmony

In his address, the Pontiff addressed troubled regions of the globe, urged “trust among people, persons, and nations,” and made the usual call for peace among Israelis and Palestinians.

In addition, the Pope called for “care for asylum-seekers, migrants, and refugees,” “ensuring no man or woman faces discrimination,” and “complete respect for human rights and democracy.”

He did not, however, address Christian oppression in Nicaragua and other countries. Besides the speech, the Pope’s Easter celebrations occupied a secondary position in the minds of Catholics around the globe.

According to the Daily Mail, the ultra-woke Disney+ special ‘The Pope: Answers’ disclosed some of Pope Francis’ views on sexuality.

During a meeting with ten individuals in their early 20s, captured in Rome last year, the 86-year-old pontiff characterized sex as “one of the wonderful things God gave to humanity.”

The documentary seeks to convey to the Pope the most pressing concerns of the younger generation. They questioned him about LGBT liberties, abortion, the porn culture, sex, faith, and sex exploitation within the Catholic Church, among others.

Woke Views

During the meeting, the Pope condemned abortion and fornication, but he appeased gender ideology by insisting that the Catholic Church must accept LGBT individuals.

He stated all individuals are God’s offspring. God does not deny anyone because he is a father. “And I am without authority to expel anybody from the Church.”

A week after being discharged from the hospital, where he was undergoing care for bronchitis, Francis appeared fatigued and his voice was muffled during his speech.

He issued a call to aid the cherished Ukrainian people on their path to peace and cast the light of Easter upon the Russian people. He also comforted the war’s casualties and those who had lost loved ones.

As feeble as he was, Francis “made several circuits in the popemobile through the piazza after the Mass, waving and beaming at the cheering onlookers.” Despite the festive ambiance, some Catholics have criticized the Pope’s pandering to the media narrative.