Business Groups Support Manchin Denouncing Biden’s “Build Back Better” Act

In encouragement of Sen. Joe Manchin’s objection to Build Back Better, West Virginian businesses and stakeholders expressed dissatisfaction with the media’s distortion of their state’s best interests.

Across the county, news organizations have blasted Sen. Manchin’s choice to break with his party and say no to Biden’s Build Back Better plan, dismissing his argument that he acted in the best interests of the people he serves in West Virginia.

Positive Feedback

Others within the West Virginia community think Manchin’s resistance to the bill shows he’s looking to them, rather than his party leaders.

The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce Leader, Steve Roberts, told Fox News Digital the concept Sen. Manchin’s position represents a betrayal of his voters is absurd.

Roberts, whose nonpartisan group has branches in over 50 counties, claims most West Virginians agree with him.

As soon as Manchin announced his opposition to Build Back Better, Roberts got dozens of emails and calls from local businesses in favor of the Democrat.

As Roberts observed, not all the reactions were favorable. His office got a few nasty letters from people who didn’t reside in West Virginia. Unbelievably, one man declared he’d never pass through the state again because of them.

Numerous venomous assaults against West Virginians went further.

The hateful mail bothered Roberts, who has been at the chamber for over 30 years. He appeared more upset by the condemnation of his home state than by the idea others would dispute his stance on Build Back Better.

After the senator’s remarks, CNBC quoted one activist as furious that her dreams of paid family leave, a perk Manchin genuinely supports outside of Build Back Better’s funding, had been shattered.

Roberts feels the bill’s demise benefits parents. Build Back Better would hamper their capacity to offer childcare, as it does churches abound throughout West Virginia.

The Media’s Point of View

Rebecca McPhail, Head of the West Virginia Manufacturers’ Association, told Fox News Digital Sen. Manchin has been doing the proper thing for West Virginia and the country.

Build Back Better has a few gems, but McPhail, like Roberts, believes the overall cost is too high and will worsen severe economic issues facing West Virginia today.

Due to supply chain problems, workforce difficulties, and growing costs, West Virginia firms struggle. These are the firms that reacted quickly to COVID. Increasing taxes on small firms would stifle their capacity to recover and thrive in a global market.

McPhail faults the media for misreporting the law. This enormous legislation seems to be meant to mislead Americans, to have them focus on a few concerns, while ignoring the hidden agendas.

Before Manchin’s statement, West Virginia Republican Congresswoman Carol Miller spoke with the America First Policy Institute about the devastating effect of Build Back Better.

Rep. Miller, a vociferous opponent of the social spending plan, told Fox News Digital Manchin heard them because they were West Virginians, not liberal campaigners from California and New York.

Roberts said he contacted all significant media sources covering the topic, but received no response.

They know the media sent reporters and will only question people who agree with their viewpoint. They’ve done significant polling across the county, and he says West Virginians are largely opposed to Build Back Better.