‘Build Back Better’ is the Liberals’ Socialist Deposit

Congress is now debating the country’s future. They’re deciding millions of Americans’ fates.

The size of the Democrats’ latest political spending package and the legitimate worries about putting trillions of dollars into the economy have been discussed.

Experts expressed concern about the impact it would have on the already severe inflation suffered by regular families across the country.

Conservatives think the package is a reckless tax and spending binge. There’s more to what Democrats are attempting to get through Congress this festive period than just the huge price tag, though.


Steps Closer to Socialism

Liberals want the federal government to get more involved in practically every aspect of a person’s life. There will be no going back if they succeed in passing their irresponsible tax and spending splurge.

The Democrats’ vision of America includes monthly government stipends for illegal immigrants. It entails Uncle Sam taking responsibility for child care, reducing alternatives, and increasing prices for families.

Faith-based child care providers, used by 53% of working families, would be denied government financing. Taxpayers would be liable for union dues, and non-union-assembled electric vehicles would be unfairly priced.

More citizens would rely on a welfare state that did not need labor. Insolvent welfare programs would be enlarged, threatening the welfare state millions of Americans depend on, as well as the country’s economic stability.

Democrats want to halt wage increases by raising taxes on job creators. As Democrats race to pay for this needless spending spree, families should expect greater taxes, increased prices, and a more invasive IRS.

Imagine funding a political tax and spending spree by increasing the IRS’ size and power. Then, there is the Green New Deal. Democrats want the government to determine energy sources for homes and automobiles.

Wait until the Democrats’ plans significantly raise the price of power, natural gas, and gasoline, all while supporting their favorite green technology.

Republicans embrace renewable energy and better energy efficiency, but America will keep relying on liquid fuels. It’s a fact that shouldn’t be penalized by the Democrats’ agenda.

Climate activists demand government employment, tuition, debt aid, and other perks at a time when firms are having trouble finding workers.

The Republican Philosophy

No Republican will approve of the Democrats’ deposit on socialism because it goes against everything Republicans, and most Americans, stand for. Republicans believe in minimizing government authority and allowing individuals to keep more of their hard-earned money.

They want a future where success is defined by hard work and not by Washington administrators and “we-know-best” liberals. Fundamental economic opportunity is a Republican goal.

The party believes employment has dignity and significance for families, communities, and the economy. Thankfully, today, this extreme vision for America can be halted.

The country might be saved by one courageous Senate Democrat who is ready to stand up and oppose this politicized spending measure that threatens our future and freedom. Any Democrat could choose a reason to oppose it; they would be doing the rest of us a favor.