Bioethicists’ New Solution to Poverty: Death

Canada is becoming the first nation in history to openly encourage the practice of euthanasia for “unjust social conditions”, also known as impoverishment. The degradation of human life is quickly gaining traction in Canadian society, according to a new poll.

36% of Canadians responded favorably to using euthanasia as an aversion to poverty, while 7% were part of the opposition. 37% said they “moderately support” the use of MAiD (medical assistance in dying) for poverty. 

In December, Alberta resident Les Landry caught the attention of the mainstream media after he qualified for MAiD. This occurred once his disability benefits were cut and his retirement pension, which pays significantly less, caused him to fear falling into poverty (“pain of living”). 

Recently, two Canadian bioethicists Kayla Wiebe and Amy Mullin published “Choosing Death in unjust conditions: Hope, autonomy and harm reduction.”

The main premise is if socialized medicine fails (either lack of healthcare, housing, pensions, etc.), then euthanasia is justified given those conditions would be “unjust.” 

Wesley J. Smith noted to the bioethicist pointed to an individual in 2022 who chose euthanasia not for medical reasons, but for the sole fact he was not able to access “affordable housing.”  

The bioethicists later concluded that restricting access to MAiD due to an “injustice” creates more harm than permitting the individual to go ahead with their choice, regardless of just how tragic the action is. 

The authors condemned such opposition as perpetuating individualism which is not effective in solving systemic problems. Their logic is the lives of those seeking assisted suicide are going to be miserable; so it’s best to just let them perish. 

Assisted suicide cases have increased tenfold in Canada since 2016 when Bill C-7 passed. 

In 2021, over 10,000 Canadians sought out assisted suicide since mentally ill individuals are also qualifiable, even if they have not displayed ailments. The process itself to apply for MAiD is very simple and accessible by download via an online form.