Biden’s Vaccination Requirement Bruised by Court Injunction in Texas

Following a federal judge’s ruling against the Biden administration’s vaccination and mask regulations for Head Start programs, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton celebrated what he deemed a victory for the state’s children.

The decision by Judge James “Wesley” Hendrix of the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas puts a halt to the COVID-19 regulations necessary for financing Head Start programs.

The Details of the Mandate

Under new guidelines published last month, children over the age of two in Head Start programs are required to wear masks.  

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is mandating employees, contractors, and volunteers in the initiative to get vaccinated by the end of January.

As Paxton stated on Fox News, the ruling was a clear victory for the children of Texas, considering it should be parents, not the Biden administration, who call the shots.

Paxton stated he and his colleagues did not believe the rules adopted by the Biden administration were appropriate. They believed it was a decision that should be made by the parents, not by Biden.

Therefore, Texas filed a lawsuit, claiming Biden lacked the right—either statutory or ethical—to implement this mandate.

According to a court decision, the agency’s rule mandates Head Start workers to be vaccinated; it also mandates near-total masking of infants and adults, among other things.

It is unquestionably true that an organization cannot function without the consent of the legislature. As a result, the question is whether or not Congress gave HHS the authority to enforce these restrictions.

When asked if he expected a negative reaction from the public, Paxton stated he believes parents will be relieved they have this option. This is a significant win for freedom in the United States.

Biden Wants to Take Away Free Will

Paxton expressed hope the Biden administration would put aside their swords and cease jabbing at parents and children. However, he is sure they will not do this.

Biden and his administration believe they should be the ones to make decisions for these children and their parents. The court further observed it concluded the demands do not fit inside the permitting text of the Head Start Act.

HHS did not follow the Administrative Procedure Act in promulgating the mandates. Likewise, the demands are objectively unreasonable, as it preliminarily enjoined their policing in Texas.

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott took to social media to express his delight with the decision, saying Texas just defeated President Biden once more.

Another of President Biden’s vaccination and mask restrictions was stopped by a federal judge in the state of Texas.

Last Monday, 25 states filed lawsuits against the Biden administration, claiming the agency imposed mask regulations for children and required vaccinations for Head Start program workers.