Biden’s Supreme Court Selection is Based on Ethnicity, Not Merit

Justice Stephen Breyer, 83, retires after 30 years of exhibiting his intellect and understanding.

His previous comments indicate what he desires in a replacement: someone with exceptional legal ability who would serve as an upholder of the rule of law, not as a politician pursuing sympathy or ideological purposes.

Favoring One Group

President Joe Biden, on the other hand, appears to believe otherwise. According to his ideals, the next justice ought to be black and female.

That is the reflex response he gave when questioned about Breyer’s retirement; it reflects the state of so much of the system and so many progressive leaders.

They are participants in identity politics, attempting to advance the interests of one group at the detriment of others, with the study of individual characteristics coming second.

The social justice movement increasingly believes that skin color might be more significant than talent in identifying candidates for specialized tasks that can have far-reaching implications for others.

In short, Biden should seek the individual best capable of serving with wisdom in the enormously important office of Supreme Court justice, regardless of color or sex. 

None of this is to imply there are no excellent black women who would become wonderful Supreme Court justices.

The Democrats’ Agenda

Democrats have pushed for Breyer’s resignation as soon as possible, since judges preferred by their party comprise a minority on the court. 

In November, there will be midterm elections; there is a serious probability that Republicans will take control of the Senate and refuse to support any progressive appointment.

A major point of contention is Roe v. Wade, which addresses whether the Supreme Court should regulate abortion or delegate authority to the states. 

Democrats fought President Donald Trump’s selection of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, fearful that her religious convictions would sway her in support of the change. She is accurate in stating the Constitution and reasoning determine the matter.

It’s worth noting that Democrats have consistently rejected Republican presidents’ wishes and vice versa. 

Biden also chaired the committee when a Republican president nominated Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. Anita Hill gave a dubious, damning sexual harassment hearing that the TV-watching public did not buy. 

“This is a high-tech lynching for self-righteous blacks,” Thomas said. Biden voted against the appointment of this judicial master, who was still confirmed.

Although Thomas had an outstanding academic record and excelled at Yale Law Institution, the school admitted him based on his skin color, a process known as affirmative action.

Thomas said “it was pointless for me to believe I could avoid the stigmatizing consequences of racial bias. I started to worry it would be used to discredit my accomplishments in perpetuity.”

The American people deserve a judicial system with people in power that got so far based on merit and merit alone, not prejudice in an attempt to curry favor with a particular demographic.