Biden’s Ratings Nosedive Extended Into the Holidays

President Joe Biden will be hoping for improved poll numbers in the new year, as his support ratings fell to an all-time low, amid the Christmas holidays.

Two new surveys show Biden lingering at his lowest support rating since Inauguration Day, with Independents abandoning the Democrat president at an alarming rate.

Polling Data

According to a survey conducted by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist, 41% favor Biden and 55% disagree, a new low since he assumed office.

In addition, Independents’ support dwindled by eight points in a single week, with two-thirds of Independents dissatisfied with Biden’s performance overall.

One of the president’s best polling numbers was his management of COVID-19.

However, with increased worry about omicron and increasing case numbers, the illness may now be driving his ratings down, rather than boosting them.

Since Inauguration Day, Biden’s popularity rating has dropped 20 points in the polls. In addition, he is incredibly unpopular with Hispanics, with only 33% approving of his performance.

Nevertheless, suburban women, a critical group in his 2020 Electoral College triumph, continue to be widely supportive of him with 57% approval.

A Morning Consult/Politico survey examined respondents’ perceptions of Democrat successes separately. According to the study, 41% of respondents said House Democrats did less than they anticipated.

Conversely, 10% stated Democrats exceeded their expectations, while 32% indicated they satisfied their expectations.

The president achieved early success in this area, signing the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act and the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan into law in March and November, respectively.

However, his most far-reaching initiative, the $2.4 trillion Build Back Better Act, is on life support, following West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s Sunday announcement that he would not approve it.

With all 50 Republican senators opposing the plan, Manchin would have to vote in favor to pass the legislation.

Total Focus on “Build Back Better”

Despite the loss, the White House is committed to supporting the measure in 2022.

Numerous talks have taken place in the run-up to this point. Without a doubt, more discussions will take place. Everyone should be vigilant and centered.

According to the Morning Consult/Politico survey, 42% of respondents feel Biden has done less than anticipated. In comparison, 38% believe he achieved about what they predicted, a somewhat higher percentage than congressional Democrats.

The bill garnered a slim majority of registered voters. According to the study, 45 percent backed “Build Back Better” somewhat or strongly, 40 percent opposed it, and 15 percent had no opinion.

Biden’s ratings would almost certainly need to rise significantly if Democrats are to hold onto the House in 2022. This is because the out-of-power party typically gains seats during midterms, especially when the sitting president is unpopular.

Cook Political Report researcher Dave Wasserman tweeted ahead of the midterm elections that Biden would cost dozens of Democrats’ highly precarious seats in a challenging year.

However, the greatest threat to the Democrat majority in the House is not redistricting; it is Biden’s popularity rating.