Biden’s Radical Spending Frenzy is Toxic for the United States

When Joe Biden ran for president, Democrats declared he would bring the “grown-ups” back to the White House. Biden vowed to be a centrist leader who built bridges across party lines. Eleven months into his first term, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The trillion-dollar Build Back Better (BBB) Act is a political and fundamental restructuring of America, hurting the working class and burdening subsequent generations with debt.

The IRS will be massively expanded in size, breadth, and authority under Biden’s plan. To prosecute law-abiding Americans like white-collar criminals, the IRS would hire almost 80,000 extra personnel and spend billions more.

Incredibly, President Biden claims his $2 trillion measure “costs zero money.” In other words, the Biden presidency is planning to tax the American people for a measure they claim is free. If it weren’t so severe, this would be rather amusing.

“Party of the Middle Class”

Democrats have long claimed to be the party of the working and middle classes.

Yet, under a Republican administration, the country lowered taxes for over 90% of Americans, increased earnings for all Americans, and led to the strongest pay raises for low-income employees in decades.

The foolish tax-and-spend bill by the Democrats does the reverse.

It lowers taxes for the wealthy by 1%. For example, removing the SALT deduction limit is a bailout for liberal elites in high-tax liberal states. Per the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, removing the ceiling would result in a roughly $600 billion tax decrease for the wealthy.

Tax hikes on Main Street job creators total over $400 billion. This measure increases natural gas tariffs and regulates domestic energy output. Furthermore, this would result in increased gas costs and winter utility bills for households that currently pay higher gas rates.

As for the worldwide stage, diminishing US energy makes us more reliant on negative players like Russia and OPEC. President Biden and the Democrats in Congress repeatedly place America and her citizens last.

BBB Targets Not Just Income, but Life Too

This law targets our way of life, as well as our wallets. BBB will pay migrants who entered the nation illegally and breached our immigration laws.

Despite an increase in abortions, the BBB Act refuses to incorporate the bipartisan Hyde Amendment safeguards. Democrats keep pretending to want to aid people in need while ignoring politically problematic groups like the unborn.

As if that weren’t enough, economists from both parties verified the Build Back Better spending measures will worsen Americans’ rising costs of living. Gas, food, and energy will continue to rise, but incomes will stagnate.

Inflation is a levy on consumers and it will increase if the “Build Back Better” plan passes. This strategy will slow the already sluggish economic growth in the Biden administration’s first year.

The Build Back Better strategy is the logical result of a leader who believes the government can solve all problems. Even centrist Democrats have been hesitant to endorse it because of its high costs and dire economic effects.

In a nutshell, this law is deadly to the American public and should never reach the president’s table.