Biden’s Positive News is Tainted by Rising Inflation

Consistently rising consumer prices are eclipsing other events that might aid Democrats in November’s midterms.

Even in a pandemic, Democrat strategists like Simon Rosenberg say nine months is a political lifetime. To the Washington Examiner, he said, “I’d rather be us heading into the midterms.”

Inflation and Alleged Radicalization

This November, Rosenberg warned Democrats to expect another COVID-19 variant after omicron caused havoc last Thanksgiving. He went on to say the economy is expected to be extremely strong this year and Republicans’ radicalization is becoming harder to dismiss.

Last week, on NBC Nightly News, anchor Lester Holt asked the president about his idea of “transitory inflation.” Hours later, the BLS said consumer prices rose 7.5% during the year ending in January, the fastest rate since 1982.

Inflation is tied to pandemic-related distribution network hitches, which Biden is addressing.

Some Nobel laureates and industry executives told him it should start to taper off this year. Until then, Biden says he will do everything he could to address most people’s major concerns and houses.

Inflation is a major issue for voters ahead of the midterm elections, considering its immediate impact on household budgets.

For example, over 50% of respondents said last month’s inflation harmed their household, up from 45% in November. In January, almost 10% of the load was assessed as “severe,” the same as in November.

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, Biden’s $2 trillion in welfare programs and climate legislation as “Build Back Better” was an inflation antidote. There is a route, and the president will continue to fight for it, she added.

According to Psaki, lawmakers are talking about a competition bill that would help Biden’s executive actions in that field.


In the short term, inflation has a big impact on Biden’s goals, even if Republicans are expected to win in November.

“The fear of inflation is real,” West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin said this week on local radio, adding that Biden “must move with prudence before pouring more fuel on an already on fire economy.”

“Now is not the time to risk further billions of dollars,” Manchin added. “We simply cannot afford it right now. We must organize our finances.”

The January inflation figure overshadowed recent good news for the White House, including a crest omicron wave and optimistic jobs statistics.

That didn’t stop Republicans from claiming “Biden-flation” was harming “poor and fixed-income citizens the hardest, those who can least afford it.”

According to RNC spokesperson Tommy Pigott, Biden “opted to double down on the policies that generated this inflation in the first place.”

During the campaign, inflation was a major concern for Biden, and he lied about it for months. Democrats have said Republicans have no plan to combat inflation.