Biden’s ‘No National Option’ Remarks Enraged Democrats, Republicans

President Biden’s casual remarks on Monday enraged Republicans and worried some Democrats.

During his White House COVID-19 meeting with the National Governors Association, he reminded state leaders there is no national answer to the epidemic and avoiding another winter surge is a state issue.

The president then urged governors to keep up immunization and booster efforts, telling them to “say something” if they need anything. 

State Government’s Reaction

Several Republicans used Biden’s Monday remarks to justify scrapping federal pandemic guidelines for masks, tests, and immunizations, citing his campaign commitment to “end” the epidemic.

GOP Sen. Tom Cotton said Biden is attempting to deflect criticism for his failure. In such a case, he should repeal his unlawful federal requirements.

Biden’s unlawful federal requirements must cease immediately, said Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. 

According to a statement released by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s office on Tuesday, Biden reversed his attitude towards the virus, refuting nearly all he campaigned on and put in place as president. 

In response, the White House framed Biden’s statements as asking for a solid federal-state relationship, not leaving states to fight COVID-19 alone.

The Biden-Harris administration provides 1,000 extra physicians and nurses, millions of robes, gloves, masks, ventilation systems, and increased vaccination/booster capacity, according to a White House tweet on Tuesday.

Democrats Under Attack

The president also reiterated his support for those governors opposing COVID-19 in their states. His strategy includes more immunization and booster capacity, medical instruments, and employees, he wrote Tuesday afternoon. 

Still, two top Democrat officials told Washington Examiner they were frustrated by the president’s “unforced blunders.” Both officials stated Republicans overreacted to Biden’s “normal political speech,” but the White House should have anticipated the reaction.

After arguing choices on masking, tests, and other abatement methods should be left up to the states, they slammed former President Trump for having no national strategy in place, one official stated.

It was linked to previous pandemic press encounters by White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

This notably included her simple answer in early December to a briefing room request in regards to the United States government distributing free at-home COVID-19 testing to every American family.

This idea would subsequently become a cornerstone of the president’s wintertime omicron strategy.

The individual claims no one, not even the most ardent MAGA Republican, can honestly say Psaki has done a horrible job this year. She’s had to confront a hostile press and respond to questions about changing policy, while people die all across the world.

No one is flawless, but every error, every out-of-place phrase, makes it easier for the opposing side to claim defeat. All government officials making public statements on the epidemic should know and be aware of this.