Biden’s Mega Spending Bill- A Blessing or A Curse?

Americans are torn over what seem to be the biggest spending packages that Congress intends to pass into law before the end of the year.

While Congress has been torn in negotiations over the bill’s details, it appears Americans are also divided on the bills. According to a current poll conducted by ABC News and Ipsos, it was deduced American voters are divided on a scale of 34% and 34%.

In concordance with the poll results, 6% of Americans seem to think the spending bills would not affect the economy; 25% are precarious about the effect of the spending bills on the American economy. 

How Americans Feel the Bill Would Affect Their Finances

Another poll was conducted on how Americans feel about the ways passing the bills into law would affect them. While 32% of Americans think the bills would hurt their finances, 25% believe the legislation would help their finances. 

Also, according to the polls, 18% of Americans feel the bill would have no influence on their finances. Meanwhile, 24% are presently neutral about the bill’s effect on their finances. 

The Dubiety of Americans on the Bills

The reports currently making the rounds are that congressional Democrats are also extremely torn over how the bill’s passage would affect them personally. At the same time, almost half of congressional Democrats feel the bill’s passage into law would adversely affect people like them. 

Meanwhile, a quarter of Democrats in Congress think the bills would have no significant effect on them, and the rest are left in a state of doubt. 

In the same vein, 64% of Republicans feel the bills would affect them adversely, and 29% of Independents feel the same way too. Also, another cause of disparity amongst Americans is the content of both bills.

According to the same ABC News poll, it was deduced that 55% of Americans are uncertain about the details in both bills. Seven out of 10 people stated they have only a tad bit of ideas about the bills, and only 31% are certain about the content of both bills.  

Last week, before President Biden went to the G-20 world leaders summit in Rome, he unveiled the Build Back Better framework’s proposal. The proposal’s details showed Biden currently prioritizes such projects as pre-kindergarten, expanding Medicaid, and the clean energy tax.

Many Americans expected his Build Back Better program would have covered such things as tuition-free community college, paid family leave, and other conveniences that directly impact the American masses. 

In light of all this, a greater number of Americans do not know what to expect with Biden’s mega spending bills, if they were to be passed into law by the end of the year. 

Finally, these polls speak volumes. They show Democrats are extremely disconnected from the interests of the American public.