Biden’s Ghost Gun Effort is a Blatant Waste of Time

This week, President Biden announced a new restriction on so-called “ghost weapons” in an attempt to address rising crime rates. In doing so, he promoted anti-gun tropes and foolish remarks.

He said, “You could not buy a cannon when the Second Amendment passed.”

First, this isn’t accurate. There isn’t a single piece of legislation from that era prohibiting the acquisition of cannons.

Though, more crucially, it has no bearing on gun debates. Notably absent from the legal and contextual meaning of “arms” are melee or missile weapons that people can wear and carry.

Biden reportedly claimed that 20,000 “suspected ghost firearms” are discovered annually.

The usefulness of this remark rests on the assumption that the government should be tracking gun ownership. 

Firearms Statistics

However, it’s also deceptive because the data shows handmade firearms aren’t utilized in many crimes. Between 2016 and 2020, homemade guns were used in fewer than 1% (0.36%) of all killings. 

The FBI reports most guns seized at crime scenes were not home-printed, but bought on the black market (43%).

Others were stolen by the culprit (6%), given to him by friends or family (15%), bought at retail (10%), or brought to the scene by another person (12%).

The idea of individuals 3D printing their weapons at home is, like most things linked to firearms, worse in theory than reality. This is mainly from hobbyists, not mass murderers or criminals.

Importantly, criminals, especially convicts already forbidden from gun ownership, may obtain firearms without drawing police notice and without having to construct them.

No law has ever changed this.

The introduction of 3D printing and the accessibility of home fabrication adds to the absurdity of gun control. The government’s control over gun ownership was shaky at best, and now it’s clear.

Biden’s new phantom gun rule is an exercise in glaring futility.

However, it’s only a blip for the build-at-home hobbyists and kit producers who expected a stricter struggle. This law will make them work more to ensure their projects are legal.

Democratic-Controlled Cities

The present rise in violent and property crime in Democratic-controlled cities is not due to criminals flocking to acquire 3D printers. The idea is absurd.

So-called “progressives” just defeated their less irrational Democratic forebears in the primaries. These DAs aren’t locking up dangerous career offenders who don’t want to get help.

Such “progressive prosecutors” have produced a revolving door of local crime surges that distort national statistics. Incompetent ideologues are making cities unlivable in many locations.

If Democrats were genuinely concerned about criminals gaining weapons, they would not constantly be pushing pointless gun regulations. Their obsession with rifles, which the FBI says are rarely used in crimes, would begin. 

Handguns were employed in nearly 20 times as many killings in 2020 as rifles. For example, if Democrats were genuine, they would support tight enforcement of laws against unlawful straw sales of weapons and favor harsh punishments for straw purchasers.

Biden’s latest fight against a fictitious problem proves he doesn’t grasp real-world challenges. That’s why his approval numbers are low, and his party is bracing for a legislative majority loss in November.