Biden’s Desperate Ploys Reach New Lows

Six years now, since Hillary Clinton branded half the nation as “deplorable” and lost her presidential bid, a frustrated Joe Biden is doing the same thing.

After a clear draft judgment from the Supreme Court was released on Monday night, Biden fueled a frenzy against conservatives and Trump supporters at the White House on Wednesday.

Dubbed “extremists” by Biden, they represent half the nation in the Oval Office. “What if states alter the legislation so LGBTQ kids can’t be in classes with other kids,” he asked.

“What will be the next targets? Because this MAGA mob is the most radical political body in recent American history.”

“Most Radical Political Group”

Biden’s description of the over 74 million Americans who voted for Trump as the “most radical political group” in American history, even “recent” history, would supplant Antifa or the Ku Klux Klan, remaining active today.

Mr. Civility’s imagined GOP-led school segregation targeting LGBT students is as absurd as it sounds.

Biden used his own radical fearmongering to get his supporters excited about an election that would be complicated. He said Republicans were going after something they weren’t.

Children in pre-kindergarten are not allowed to discuss “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” in class.

The bill simply prevents adults from seeking approval from impressionable kids too young to grasp unsuitable themes muddled by today’s left-wing dogma on sex and sexuality.

In fact, according to a Gallup poll released last summer, more than half of Republicans now favor same-sex marriage. According to the survey, 70% of Americans approve of homosexual marriage.

Nevertheless, Democrats have continued to portray the end of Roe as the start of a nightmare in which Republicans criminalize same-sex love and even interracial relationships.

Forget that Clarence Thomas, a black justice, is wedded to conservative activist Ginni Thomas, a white woman.

Constantly Seeking to Divide

Instead of reining in his own fanatical party, the nation’s “unifier in chief” has opted to accentuate their gloomy forecasts, which are actually falsehoods.

Yet, this is typical Biden. In his inauguration speech, he called half of the country “white supremacists,” which led to many controversial social policies.

It takes more than rhetoric to overcome these obstacles, restore America’s soul, and safeguard its future. On his first day in office, Biden designated it “A National Day of Unity,” which his White House labeled “A Day of Unity.”

The words came after a demand to stop “political extremism.”

Biden asked the Justice Department to look into complaints from parents about sexual content and COVID mandates a few months later.

In December, Biden finished his first year as president with a polarizing statement. In its final Christmas letter to Americans, the White House thanked vaccinated Americans for “doing the right thing.”

He stated the unvaccinated face a winter of wretched disease and death for themselves, their relatives, and the hospitals they may soon overrun.