Biden’s Care: A Case of Black Publicity

After the terrible December event that took place in Waukesha, Wisconsin, people said if the fatalities had been primarily black, rather than mainly white, Biden would have traveled to the city to pay his respects.

Biden didn’t visit Waukesha because the victims were white. Despite the horrible events in Buffalo, New York, Biden has time to visit the community today. His posturing stinks.

“Any president visiting a town requires a lot of assets,” Jen Psaki remarked at the time.

At that moment, resource concerns didn’t matter. Biden believes he may profit strategically by visiting black victims.

Skin Color Playing a Major Role

It’s not a bad thing that Biden’s in Buffalo. In fact, it is commended; it was necessary. It is important for the president to be present to offer comfort to the families of those who passed away during this trying period.

His visit is fake. It has a political agenda. The only reason he went to the location was because of the victims’ race. Biden’s character is exposed.

Reviewing Biden’s recent history of dealing with similar disasters is a good way to debunk any doubts you might have about this assertion.

Take Biden’s visit to Wisconsin after a cop shot Jacob Blake in August 2020. Blake is black. Biden met the Blakes.

The officers first presented the event as a racial incident involving one person who was at fault. Biden visited when resources weren’t a problem. Biden missed the Waukesha tragedy, which killed six and wounded 62, victims who were predominantly white.

Biden summed it up. He will spare no effort to exploit a heinous deed for political benefit. The White House ignores a tragedy that undermines his favored narrative.

During the month of December, a black guy in Waukesha savagely attacked a majority of white individuals. Biden declined to make the trip. In Buffalo on Sunday, a racist white guy carried out a series of savage attacks on predominantly black people.

Biden visits Buffalo, despite mounting pandemic hospitalizations, food scarcity and supply chain difficulties, out-of-control inflation, a war in Europe, and baby formula scarcity.

Politicizing Tragedies

It’s not black and white. Terrorist assaults on all races are reprehensible. It is obvious the culprits of these acts should face the worst legal penalties.

The primary concern, on the other hand, is the appalling manner in which Biden and other Democrats politicize and rank tragedies, according to the color of the victims’ skin.

When convenient, the president travels. If not, the president is busy. Everyone, regardless of party or belief, should call Biden and the Democrats out on it.

Biden uses the tragedy of victims for political gain. He’s using it to further his political goal while remaining mute on every racist attack perpetrated by black males in recent months. Whoever denies this is either in delusion or willfully ignorant.

It does not matter what color their skin is or what race they are; what matters is they are all victims of racism. Someone should tell Biden and his colleagues.

The country must cease falling for Biden’s deceptive political and divisive behaviors. Biden consistently demonstrates his moral depravity. It’s time we believed him.