Biden Should Prepare for Battle From His Own Party

The midterm election year is upon us. Meanwhile, the Democrat Party and President Joe Biden are in for a fierce battle. However, President Biden has bigger problems on his hands, as progressives in his party are looking to challenge him in 2024.

According to a report from Politico, many strategists in the party believe that a progressive will challenge the president in the 2024 election primaries. If this happens, then there might be trouble ahead for Biden.

Biden Should Get Ready

Jeff Weaver, Senator Bernie Sanders’ former presidential campaign manager, revealed there would be a progressive challenger in the 2024 race.

Many other strategists also believe former 2020 presidential candidates Marianne Williamson and Nina Turner will challenge Biden in the primaries.

In addition, one other progressive strategist described Biden as “deeply unpopular and super old.”

The strategist further said the president is largely ineffective. Not only that, but Rep. AOC’s former communications director, Corbin Trent, also noted there’s a high chance for the president to get demolished in the upcoming midterms.

Blame is Being Heaped on the President

Progressive activists are not left out in flaming the President. They are blaming Biden for his inaction on issues bordering around climate change.

Between Christmas Day 2021 and January 1, 2022, a group named “Occupy Biden” formed a camp close to the president’s Delaware home. They have demanded that Biden declare a climate emergency.

A spokesperson for Occupy Biden criticized the 46th president for being lethargic over climate issues. Karen Igou told Fox News the organization sees an administration that at least believes in climate change and takes necessary steps as an asset.

She added that the Joe Biden administration is not active enough to make moves during emergencies in order to avert catastrophes.

Joe Biden continues to see criticisms from progressives. His Build Back Better plan has also been heavily criticized by progressives. However, there’s skepticism that any progressive will be successful in challenging the president in the primaries in 2024.

Republican pollster Lee Carter said progressives were very disappointed that the Build Back Better Plan fell through during late last year. He said they were very disappointed with the compromises Biden made with the bill. Because of that, they’ve set out to pounce on the president.

Yet, Lee Carter doesn’t believe the criticism of the president will spiral into a challenge in the primaries come 2024. However, Carter believes the progressive Democrats will try as much as possible to push Biden farther to the left.

Carter commented that the president is in a dire position, and he’ll try as much as possible to make concessions to the progressives. He also noted that Biden would likewise have his mind on people like Joe Manchin, who he doesn’t want to lose.