Biden Putting Air Travelers in Danger After This Controversial Decision

The Biden administration is risking the security of hundreds of flights this holiday season.

As the government deployed a majority of air marshals on border security, amid the deteriorating law and order situation at the southern border, most of the airliners will fly without any security during the busy holiday season.

Biden Administration Not Worried About Flight Security in America

House Republicans are worried about the security of domestic and international flights this holiday season, due to the lack of air marshals on the flights.

Seven Republican lawmakers sent a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, asking him about the Transportation Security Administration’s decision to use air marshals on the southern borders.

According to the Republican lawmakers, the Biden administration is risking the safety of national air carriers by stopping air marshals from their duties.

GOP lawmakers, who are led by Congressman Mike Carey, further asserted that the country is heading toward a busy time, which means many people will be traveling to their loved ones during the holiday season.

So, all air marshals should do their duties to protect Americans traveling in the upcoming days, the GOP lawmakers continued. Other signatories of the letter included Reps. Jody Hice, Scott DesJarlais, Randy Weber, Troy Balderson, Louie Gohmert, and Ben Cline.

Almost 3,000 air marshals are employed in the Federal Air Marshal Service. For security reasons, the exact number of air marshals is classified information.

Air marshals accompany almost 8% of commercial flights, depending upon the type of risk a flight possesses. Now, after the air marshals are deployed for border security, only 1% of the flights are supposed to be protected by them.

Air Marshals Complain About Their New Job

David Londo, the president of the Air Marshal National Council, noted air marshals are opposing their new jobs at the southern border because they are hired to do menial jobs. Londo added that air marshals are used for heating food and hospital watch at the border.

John Casaretti, the president of the Air Marshal Association, insisted two air marshals who complained about their new jobs had family issues, due to which they were unable to serve at the border. However, the issues of the air marshals were hardly addressed.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration still believes protecting the southern border comes under the job description of air marshals.

According to the statement released by the Transportation Security Administration, the Air Marshal Service is under the DHS law enforcement agencies; so their role is not limited to serving on flights only.

The Biden administration is trying to change the duties of air marshals at a time when the country is about to see a rapid surge in flights during the holiday season.

Reportedly, airlines are preparing for a busy holiday season, as more Americans are likely to fly this time without any fears of the pandemic.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.